Why I stopped using UberSuggest?

September 15, 2019 0 Comment

Ubersuggest is a free keyword research tool. Some of you might have worked with it and might get surprised with the tons of features that Ubersuggest provides for free.

But In this post, I’ll be talking a little different and discuss some of the negative point that I came to know while using a free keyword tool, UberSuggest for almost 6 months.

No Updated Data- Backlinks, Domain Score, Traffic

The reason one and its the topmost point that made me feel that I should stick with some other sort of tools or platform for doing keyword research.

In case, you doubt what I say, open UberSuggest and search something like shoutmeloud.com. For those of you who haven’t heard the name of ShoutMe Loud, its another popular technology blog on internet.

Stop Using UberSuggest

Then you can notice the DA(Domain Authority or Domain Score), it shows 86 as Domain Score.

Ubersuggest vs Moz Data

But just move over to Moz and there search for the same, you’ll notice that now the DA of that website has been decreased from 86 to 67.

May there be some of you saying then what if its not showing updated DA? I guess, you might be super enthusiastic but slightly mistaken about content marketing strategies.

The first step for your business is to discover the competitors in your niche, what they’re doing, what their progress and statistics is? Knowing more information about your competitors helps to you to make better marketing strategies.

But what if the information you collected is wrong or not updated ones?

It will ruin all your strategies and campaign.

Discovering new Keyword Ideas

For example, I’ll be searching for a keyword term, ‘marketing‘ in Ubersuggest tool.

UberSuggest shows me that average search volume for it is around 90k per month.

While Google Keyword Planner shows me average monthly searches as 10k-100k. For me, data provided by Keyword Planner makes more sense.

Let me clear one thing, we search query for United States, in both case.

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