Top Machine Learning Influencers to Follow

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Machine learning is one of the most promising and coming areas of the 21st century.

Some passionate pioneers started with their ground researches to arouse renewed interest in machine learning. Here we take a look at the 5 veterans of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence and their stories.

Andrew Ng

Machine Learning Influencers to Follow- Andrew Ng

Andrew NG is one of the pioneers of Artificial Intelligence. His work has brought a revolution in the field of machine learning and AI.

His course of machine learning at Stanford University became so popular that it formed The Coursera, which changed the world of online education. He also founded

A Brilliant coder from a very young age, Andrew was fascinated by the idea of machines that could have been thought of like a human brain. But he took note of it when he saw the progress of research in this field. His interest in this dream began in 2006 after reading an article about the functioning of a human brain.

He led the Google Brain project since 2010, which has included image enhancement in Google technologies and deep learning in the form of Google Translate.

Andrew N. has been involved in machine learning for the past 16 years and regularly shares significant progress in the field of AI on Twitter.

Geoffrey Hinton

Machine Learning Influencers to Follow- Geoffrey Hinton

Geoffrey Hinton is a pioneer of AI and is widely “The Godfather of Deep Learning” Known as “. His work in the field of artificial neural networks is unique.

In his first career, he was regularly told by his gurus that he was wasting his time in the neural network, but his passion in the field has kept him.

Over the years, he made several contributions to intensive learning in Boltzman machines, representations, time-delay neural networks, mixing of specialists, distribution of helmsmen and product specialists.

He made a statement in 2017 that he has become extremely important for backpropagation and he is of the view that new studies should throw it completely and start again.

This is because they believe that the human mind does not work in the way it has got it. It does not require the amount of labeled data to encounter an issue.

Their goal is to develop a learning process that will mimic the use of the brain. It will be able to handle complex problems with large, high-dimensional data to show how the human brain works.

Hinton was awarded the Turing Award for his work in intensive teaching with Yashua Bengio and Yan Lecan in 2018.

Ian Goodfellow

Ian Goodfellow is commonly known as the Ganfather for intensive teaching, to develop into one of the best innovations in the genitourizing advertising networks.

While Goodfellow was researching unprocessed learning, he faced neural network problems while dealing with unencrypted data. While he was drinking at a bar, his friends came to him with a problem. They wanted to create a computer that could generate their own images.

When he came home that night, Goodfellow had the idea of breaking a ground, he set up 2 neural networks against each other like a cat and mouse game. One part is known as generator and the other is known as a discrier.

Trained on the same data set, the generator aims to produce an image to fool the discriminator, while the discriminator  one has to decide which image is real and which is fake. Based on the results, both networks learn and adapt accordingly.

The idea known as the Conservative Advertising Networks which generated a lot of enthusiasm and interest in machine learning and turned Ian Goodfellow into a celebrity.

He currently works at Apple and leads his research on machine learning. In addition, he is the lead author of the MIT Press Textbook Deep Learning (

Yoshua Bengio

Yoshua Bengio is regarded as one of the most influential minds working in the field of intensive education and artificial intelligence.

Bengio was fascinated by the idea of developing artificial intelligence along with understanding of the brain.

He is responsible along with Geoffrey Hinton and Yan Lecan for advancing deep learning in the 1990s and early 2000s, and the trio shared 2018 Turing Award.

Benjio co-founded Element AI in 2016, which converts AI research into real-world applications.

He works as a professor of computer science at the University of Montreal and is scientific director at MILA (Montreal Institute of Learning Algorithm).

Yann Lecun

Currently employed as VP and chief AI scientist on Facebook, Le Cnn is known as the founding father of CNNs (Sensory Neural Network).

His work in optical character recording and computer vision using CNN is unprecedented and is the basis for further research done in these areas.

After his doctorate studies, he was a research associate at Geoffrey Hinton’s laboratory. During this time he came up with a new technology for image classification, which later paved the way for CNN to create. He then applied this research to optical character recognition.

Now he divides his time between working on Facebook and working as a professor at New York University. He was the founding director of the NYU Center for Data Science.

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