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Top Language Translator APIs to use in 2019

October 25, 2019 0 Comment

The API is an abbreviation for the application programming interface, which is an intermediate software that enables two applications to interact with each other. There are many language translator available. We are going to compare each of them.

Every time you book tickets online, use social media or transfer money, you are using an API.

Language Translation API is a programming interface designed to identify and translate text from one language to another.

1. Google Translate

Google Translate is a free multilingual, highly customizable machine translation service created by Google to translate by text. It can translate a variety of writing and media, such as words, expressions and pages and best of all it supports in more than 100 languages in different dimensions.

It uses the tapes of the United Nations and the European Parliament to collect meaning information. Instead of translating languages directly, it initially interprets the content for English and then the objective language.

For certain languages, Google Translate can also pronounce content, highlight related words and expressions in source and target content, and act as a simple dictionary for single-word input.

Our performance metrics are increasingly taken from the API.

Average success rate – 100%

Average popularity – 8.2

Average latency – 255ms

Pricing – 1 – 500,000 characters – Free

2. Microsoft Text Translation

Microsoft Translator can translate in different languages with a request for cloud administration. The translation feature automatically identifies the language of the source content.

The Microsoft Translator Text API is also equipped with additional charms like transliteration (helps people pronounce words and names in foreign languages) or bilingual dictionary.

Average success rate – 100%

Average popularity – 8.6

Average latency – 448ms

Pricing – Prices vary for different instances.

Free – Free for 2 million characters

S1 – $9.52 per million characters

3. MyMemory

MyMemory is created by collecting TMs (TranslMemories), which can refer to content like broadcasting, organizations, schools, people, places, science and medicine etc. from the European Union, the world’s largest translation memory and the best place multilingual sites can adjust. Clients can get much more translations from expert interpreters, LSP, clients and multilingual web content. It uses a matching algorithm to provide the best accessible translation to the given source content. It uses both HTTP and SOAP conventions and configures responses in XML and JSON.

Average success rate – 100%

Average popularity – 8.5

Average Latency – 1308ms

Pricing – Basic – free up to 1000 words per month then $0.01 each.

Pro – $299.00 /month MO then $0.01 for 1000 words per month.

ULTRA – $499.00 / MO 1000 words per month then $0.01 each.

4. IBM Watson Language Translator

The IBM Watson Language translator is used where there is a customized input in the source language used in different regions. This API can separate the language used in input content. Administration provides various IBM-provided translation models that you can modify based on your unique vocabulary and language.

Of course, all language pairs use neural machine translation. This innovation uses intensive learning techniques to improve the speed and precision of interpretation.

Average success rate – 100%

Average Popularity – 6

Average latency – 241ms

Pricing – Lite Plan – Translation up to 1000000 characters per month (free)

Standard Plan – Translation up to 250000 characters per month ($0.02 per thousand characters)

Advanced plan – optimized model and price depends on usage cases.

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5. Yandex Translate

The Yandex Translate API is an all-inclusive content translation tool that uses machine translation technology developed by Yandex. It helps developers integrate machine translation into their applications, services and sites. Currently, translation is accessible in more than 90 dialects.

Average success rate – 100%.

Average popularity – 8.3

Average Latency – 306ms

Pricing – Translates characters per million – $5.736635 (without VAT)

Language detection per million characters – $5.736635 (without VAT)

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