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Top 5 Face Recognition and their applications in 2019

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When it comes to machine learning, technology like face recognition seems to be an indispensable part. Face recognition technology has been optimized to such an extent that they are able to cross even the human level.

This rapid growth in technology deserves our attention. I’ve come up with top 5 best Face Recognition APIs for you.

1.   Amazon Rekognition

Amazon Rekognition makes it easy for developers to add images and video analysis to their applications. The api seems useful when we need to separate text, scene, face and other objects.

Rekognition’s quick and accurate search capability makes it possible to identify a person in a photo or video using a private repository of facial images. Not only that, the API can also set parameters like happiness, age limit, eyes opening, glasses, facial hair, etc. by analyzing facial features in the images.

Pricing – first 1000 minutes for the first year /month Free for months, then the extra price varies according to the area

The main features of Amazon Rekognition :

  1. Object and Scene Detection
  2. Facial recognition
  3. Facial analysis
  4. Face Comparison
  5. Unsafe image check
  6. Celebrity Recognition
  7. Text in image

2.   Kairos

Kairos is a facial recognisable API that enables users to integrate the offered security features into their applications and services. It uses computer vision and deep learning techniques to recognize faces in photographs and recordings. It can also be used to search, match, and compare faces or measure parameters, for example, age and gender.

Price – $500/month Additional pricing is available starting from the month

Developers Cloud – $99/month Month + $0.02/night Transactions (75 transactions/75 transactions) minute)

Business Cloud – $249/night Month + $0.002/month Transactions (500 transactions/500 transactions) minute)

Enterprise Cloud – $499/night Month + $0.001/night Transactions (Unlimited Transactions/Transactions) minute)

Key features of carousel

  1. Face recognition
  2. Face recognition
  3. Face verification
  4. The framework of age
  5. Gender detection
  6. Multi-face detection
  7. Face Coordinated
  8. Face Grouping
  9. Recognition of Diversity

3. Facial Recognition API enables developers to isodate, sync, recognize and validate faces. It is equipped with fantastic feature to distinguish between real face and face picture. Thus this API can go a long way in spoof detection. In addition to the above, the API can detect multiple faces from an image or a video.

Pricing – Unknown

4.   Face++

Face++ provides identification, detection and analysis services using deep learning models that train millions of images, providing maximum accuracy with the fastest speed point.

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It uses REST call and return data in JSON format. It also provides an offline SDK (Software Developers Kit) for Android and iOS applications, but users in the offline SDK are not able to access Facetime services. However, the SDK can showcase face detection, face comparison, tracking, landscape, etc.

Pricing – Daily Plan – 100USD / 100USD QPS / Days

Plan of the month – 1,000USD /usd QPS / Month (30 days)

Make payments by use

Face Detection API 0.0005USD /USD Call

Face Search API 0.002USD /USD Call

Face Comparison API 0.002USD /USD Call from

Faceset API 0.0001USD /USD Call

Key features of Face++

  1. Face recognition
  2. Face Comparing
  3. High accuracy

5.   IBM Watson’s visual Recognition

IBM Watson Visual Recognition is an extremely incredible and reliable industry-scale application that can be used in computer vision and facial recognition apps.

Whether it be a face, a food, or a color, this API lets you identify a wide range of classifers.

At the point that the included classifier is not enough, you can prepare and use your own custom classifier on the closed spot.

Pricing – Free and Premium Tires

Light (Free) – 1,000 events per month


Image tagging events $0.002 USD/month per dollar Use GeneralTagging

Face Detection Events $0.004 USD/month Use per FaceRecognition

Training program uses $0.10 USD/month per use. Pay Training

Custom Tagging Event $0.002 USD /month Use per custom tagging

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