5 Excellent Marketing Tools to Promote Your Business

July 2, 2019 0 Comment

Marketing tools is a vital aspect of your business and if you’re not good at it, then definitely your business isn’t going to land in a good position.

What products you’re dealing with? Its doesn’t matter, instead in which way you are promoting it, matter the most.

And this is where marketing tools comes into play. Marketing tools provides a means to reach to your new customer in a more efficient and proper way.

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Here I’ve listed some of the most commonly used marketing tools to make your days easier.

Google Analytics– Free Marketing Tools

If you’ve made online presence of your business in any form either for selling a product to a customer or giving your own service to client or running a blog about your product / brand, then definitely the most needed tools for your need is Google Analytics.

It enables you to track the activities of your website visitors to a fine and level. Google Analytics also provides you the option to filter the result according to your needs.

The features like audience reports, advertising reports, behaviour reports, conversion reports and acquisition reports makes it special tools for marketing.

You can have a close look of your website performance and customer interaction.


It surely makes your day easier by proving the facility of scheduling a post at later time.

Another cool feature is that Buffer provides a detailed analysis of your social media post and filter the result as your wish. You can just focus on which area you need to improve your business.

Sitemap Generator and Google Webmaster Tools to Boost Your Blog SEO

Such a great marketing tool for your social media marketing. Suppose a instance where your company conducts a survey for the product expectation.

In order to analyse the end result, you have the Buffer tool to let you know what percentage of people have preferred which special feature.

Goggle Search Console

The best free keyword tool – Ubersuggest

Google, being the largest search engine provides tools like Google Search Console for their users to improve their web presence through google search results.

Google search console provides the ability to track down visitor corresponding to a particular keyword.

Its a hassle-free method to get started with search console and hardly takes a minute to set up google search console account.

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