'Outrage is a commodity': Director Todd Phillips blasts 'far left' criticism of his film Joker

Joker review- Is it a good fantasy?

October 6, 2019 0 Comment

Joker review- Joker is out in theaters now and my new favorite thing is reading articles about it. Todd Phillips and his new film based off the DC Comics character played by Joaquin Phoenix has developed a lot of controversy.

Controversies regarding Joker

Most of controversy developed before the movie was even released and many people have things to say including me so we’re gonna talk about it in spoiler form now.

Don’t You think its story line is that of King of Comedy?

I really like this movie. I thought it was great as a Joker movie. I thought they had all the beats really well although it reminded me too much of films like taxi driver and King of Comedy which I actually re-watched after seeing Joker recently.

My biggest issue with the movie I just wish that it was a little more original in regards to its structure. I don’t think the way Todd Phillips helmed the movie.

Biggest concern regarding Movie

One of my biggest concerns during the film was the idea that Arthur flex mother may have had an affair with Thomas Wayne and that in some way he’snow related to Bruce Wayne. And at first I was like huh that must be the risk that everyone’s talking about the people who saw it at festivals, who were like this movie’s gonna destroy the planet.

I was like oh is it because Batman and Joker are half-brothers now but then later Arthur realizes that his mother is genuinely insane and she made all this up and has been living in a fantasy world. So for a while I was kind of like oh! I don’t know if I like that I mean I love when things are changed.

Disappointed Me !

I love when risks are taken in movies but I just thought that was an odd idea you know just to like make Batman and Joker straight-up half-brothers. I guess it could create some interesting tension for future movies. But since they’re not really saying this movie is gonna connect to other films that might be wasted anyway.

So I was happy when it wasn’t actually true but at the same time it felt like a bit of a diversion for the plot.

Phoenix is so terrific in this movie. There are so many scenes where I felt so terrible for this man the biggest of which is when he finally gets his chance to do stand-up. And for like a minute he can’t even get his first joke out because he has this condition that causes uncontrollable laughter.

I nearly cried and it has nothing to do with siding with a mass murderer. It’s because Phoenix is a phenomenal actor, one of the best of his generation but they just got so many little beats with his character.

Level of Voilence

Concerned about the level of violence in this film before it was released to the public. I was honestly expecting to see some really fucked up shit like this. I told my friend after the movie I was fully expecting him to like rip a guy’s jaw off or something.


There’s nothing like that in this movie in fact the first actual killing that he does is against some men. Who may be rapists who don’t get the opportunity to commit this assault against a woman. Because he starts laughing and she flees into another tram. And then they start beating the shit out of him and he basically kills them and defends himself.

Joker has questions on its mind about mental health. I mean he seems to beholding on to a thread when he’s still able to go to a therapist. But when the funding for that social work is cut, he can no longer go. And after that he doesn’t even know where to go for his medication.

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