How to use OneNote: 7 Productive Tips

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I have listed 7 tips to be more productive in OneNote. These are just quick tips, maybe you haven’t seen or noticed them or maybe you’re new to Microsoft  OneNote.

Let’s get started with these 7 tips on OneNote today.

Math Equation

how to use onenote

Take a look at this cool feature in one note using math equations. so I’m just gonna go ahead and select my pen. And write an mathematical equation.

Now I’m gonna use my selection tool which is it right up here and I’m gonna select everything hit my math equation up here.

how to use onenote

And you can see, I can have an action for this you can see I can solve for X. It gives me answer as X. equals 1/5.

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Here you have a few different options with graphing. So, it’s a very cool feature if you’re using for school. Writing this down and then it will solve help you solve whether the equation or graphing it too.

Reviewing Your Notes

This second tips here for taking good notes or maybe even reviewing your notes. So, I’m gonna to Draw section(you can find it in the top menu bar area).

This one playback features is used so maybe you’ve taken lots of notes and you want to see the order that you took notes.

how to use onenote

If I go to view and hit replay over here and click it and then I just drag the over the area that I saw and I hit re-play, it’s going to play it back in the order that I took it.

There is a certain order you were wondering how when you took certain thing highlight it and then go to replay, it’s going to show you how you wrote it down on the paper.

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Another great feature inside of this so if I select this here and I’m gonna go link to Text. You can see how quickly it just puts it into text mean you saw how messy my writing was on there.

Taking Research Notes

One note is a great place for taking research notes so in this case if I want to do some research maybe the topic would be dogs.

Let’s say, if I go over to insert on the on the menu here and go here to researcher I’m gonna go ahead and I’m going to click on dogs.

I’ll just hit enter and you can see I get some relevant topics like at from find sources where I could put images if I want this in my notes. I could click on it here you can see a few different options here.

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You can go back later with the links on it in the information just to make your research a little bit easier for you organized in the place that you wanted to be.

Immersive Reader Feature

how to use onenote

The immersive reader is a fantastic option in one note help people to just get more out of the research they’ve done or taking notes.

I’m gonna go over to view over here main menu and you can see immersive reader here just at the end. I’m gonna click on it I have some text here they just took out of the previous information about dogs but I’m gonna click on immersive reader and you’re gonna see a comes up here now I could quickly I just hit play.

And it starts reading it for me but I have options on this too so I can go ahead and click on this on the settings here you can see I can change it.

I found that a little bit a little bit fast so maybe I move more towards the turtle. Now, I have a different speed for reading.

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Customize Your Way

But not only that you have more options in the top right hand corner, you can see where you can increase the text size on it by just adjusting it, change the font even how some people can see the color differently on different contrast.

One Note Web Clipper

If you’re on the web a lot collecting a lot of information whether it be for your daily life for your home for travel or research make sure you install the One Note web clipper extension.

I’m using chrome, you can do this for other devices to other web browsers. Just go to the chrome store and add it.

Once it’s installed if I go over to the extension, let’s say I was researching dogs or maybe I was taking a trip and wanted it put to get some information, just click on your web clipper up here and you can see is gonna load a preview of the page.

So I have it on article right now so it’s going to take information out of that article. I could pick a region. When I get the area that I want to to save, I just go pick a location so maybe I just wanted in my quick notes here I’ll just put it here my quick notes and I go clap.

What it’s going to do is put it in that section of my notes so it’s a great way to just collect that information and just have all those things that you come across on the web organized in one note.

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Save Emails to OneNote

My last tip is to save emails to one note. So, what it does is maybe I’m taking a trip and I want to take those emails and I’m getting from hotel and just send it to my one note. It’s it’s all organized nicely or maybe it’s bills or repairs for home and I just wanna again keep everything nicely organized in my one note.

All you have to do is set up email to OneNote. Here you can see I have 2 different addresses set up set up. I can add multiple addresses here to use from.


I choose my location where I want this to be sent to what part of the notebook. I want and then all I do is when I go to the email I just have to type to me at

And I can put my subject I like normal and then it’s going to send that email into my one note on this. Then you have those organized there too so I hope you like these 7 tips.

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