How To Get Sponsors on YouTube Even If You are a Small Youtuber

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How big is Your Youtube Channel? How much subscribers you’ve got so far? How To Get Sponsors on YouTube? How much views you’ve generated on your channel? What number of videos you’ve uploaded to Youtube Channel?

Answering these question may determines what your channel has achieved so far and what amount of money you would have been earning either from sponsorship or Youtube Ads?

If Your Channel Is Small

Don’t get worried if your channel is small.

Everybody starts from zero subscribers. It takes time to even complete 100 subscribers. But once you know your audience, it becomes a little easy to get discovered on Youtube among millions.


Some of the people I’ve noticed that they believes only after getting a minimum of 10k subscriber, they can earn from sponsorship on youtube. That’s not true.

You can earn money from sponsorship even if you don’t have a good subscriber base. Read thoroughly and you’ll understand the process.

What to consider for YouTube sponsorships?

What comes to your mind when you hear things like Youtube Sponsorships? Which youtube channel comes to your mind first?

Definitely, the name of popular youtubers like PewDiePie, Logan Paul, Ryan Higa comes to mind.

What most people think that Youtube Sponsorships is only for large and established Youtube Channel. Again, that’s not true.

A number of sponsorships are available for small youtubers also. Only you’ve to do a small thing- reach out and lock the deal.

What do Brands look for?

Its the first and foremost thing you need to understand if you’re planning to earn money from sponsorship.

These days Brands loves to get engaged with influencer marketing. Its mainly because of the fact that influencer marketing is one of the effective way to gain trust of their customers.

The good news is here- these days sponsorships are viable for all YouTube channels, not just the large ones.

Established Brand Persona

Brands that want you to sponsor a product looks whether your channel branding align with their values or not. No brand likes the concept of mixed branding or say unclear branding.

Markipiler- how to get sponsors for youtube

Make it clear with an example. Anyone who comes to Markiplier channel, they came to know what this channel all about and what Markiplier’s brand persona is.

Building your brand persona involving asking these questions to yourselves?

  • What your niche is?
  • What is personality of your brand?
  • What are your values?
  • What items you’ll be selling to your audience?
  • Have you discovered your audience?

By better knowing your persona, sponsors got attracted to work with you for a long time as long as customers keep coming from you.

Product Targeted Audience

If your channel is all about sports, then a brand that manufacture sport items are likely to sponsor you.

If you don’t have a product targeted audience, then its very unlikely that any brand will sponsor you because no one likes to spend money and time where there is no market or audience.


It doesn’t make sense if you don’t have target audience.

Quality videos- how to get sponsors for youtube

Quality Videos

You’re going to make a sale. That’s why you don’t need to compromise with video quality.

There can number of factors you can work to improve videos quality.

  • Replacing faulty microphones
  • Improve how you communicate with audience
  • Producing videos of at least 1080p
  • Learn Pro level Video editing skills.

You can also ask your viewers and subscribers for feedback on video quality. That’s makes your work a lot easier.

How to Find Sponsors

Are you just sitting down and let them to come to you? Or do you need to email them and let introduce yourself among brands?

There are some online platforms which can reduce your burden of finding brands and sponsors. The crazy thing is that these websites have a numbers of brands that are willing to find person like you to promote a wide range of their products.

How To Get Sponsors on YouTube? Its isn’t the big deal once you work with these platforms.


Do you know GrapeVine has paid $3,929,499 to YouTube creators? What GrapeVine basically do is connect youtubers with sponsors.

GrapeVine offers paid sponsorships as well as product packages in exchange for reviews.

Content BLVD

Content BLVD only offers product packages in exchange. This is beneficial with those niches who deal with physical products mostly.


Are you in the way to find your fist youtube sponsorship? Then FameBit is perfect platform to look upon.

From signing up to finding the product that might attract your audience, its easy and straightforward. Here, you’ve to bid upon a product sponsorship.

If you’ve any questions regarding How To Get Sponsors on YouTube?, feel free to ask me in comment section?

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