Best Keyword Research Tools For Free (Aug 2019)

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I’m gonna be telling you a bunch of free keyword research tools that you can use.

Some of them are considered freemium research tools which means they have premium options but they also give you a lot of keywords for free as well.

Google Keyword Planner

I’m gonna start with my number one keyword tool which is the Google Keyword planner. In order to use the Google Keyword planner and to get access to all the information, you’re gonna need to create a Google Ads account first.

You can just open the keyword planner and click on discover new keywords. There you got two option to either start with keywords or start with a website.


The other thing that you can do is get search volume and forecasts so both those things are great ways to figure out a little bit more about the keywords that you’re gonna be targeting.

Suppose, you’re looking for keyword- back pain. You can enter up to ten keywords here so if you want to do something like lower back pain, you can enter that as well.

You can choose to include brand names and results and you can enter a domain to use as a filter.

Google Keyword Planner- Keyword Research tool free

You can see the top keywords by relevance, average monthly searches, competition, top of page bid, low range and high range. There’s a lot of different things you can do with the keyword planner.

It’s one of my favorite keyword research tools because you can find all these different keywords that are gonna be related to the keyword that you enter. You can also add filters, say, keyword text must contain back pain.

So that I’m finding the closest keywords related to back pain and it’s gonna have upper back pain, lower left back pain and like that.

UberSuggest- Do free keyword research


All you need to do is go to Neil Patel’s website. Ubersuggest is one of his tools and what you can do is enter a domain or a keyword and just click on search.

And it’s gonna give you a lot of information about the keyword and it will give you a ton of new keyword ideas.


It’s gonna give you search volume, SEO difficulty, paid difficulty and average cost per click for that keyword.

It’ll also show you the average web page that ranks in the top 10 has 244 backlinks and domain score of 89 so you can get a little bit more information about the websites that are already ranking for this keyword.

If we click on keyword ideas, it’s gonna pull up the top keyword ideas related to back pain so you can see all these different keywords. It’s a great way to find longtail keywords as well you can seethe websites that are ranking in the top 10 of search results.

You can kind of see what type of content you’re gonna need to create in order to rank high for this keyword.

Now the other thing you can do is click on content ideas and it’s also gonna show you some of the top content for the keywords that you enter so it’ll rank it by the average number of social shares.

Here, you can see estimated visits for these different types of content related to back pain.

You can see what type of content is getting a lot of shares on social media so ubersuggest is my number two keyword tool.

InfiniteSuggest- Keyword Research tool

Infinite Suggest +

Its a combination of using two tools together and it’s gonna be using infinite suggests and using

Infinite suggest will give you a great list of keywords when you enter a keyword here. For keywords so what you can do easily here is just click on export export all keywords and it’s gonna save everything to a CSV file.

We need to do is take all these keywords so copy all these keywords here and then we’ll just come over to, do paste those keywords right here.


You can enter up to 800 keywords here and with this tool, it’s gonna find keyword search volume so it’s gonna give you an estimate of how many searches these different keywords are getting.

So just using two tools together, it’s a great way to find a huge list of keywords and also find the search volume for those keywords.

Google Search Console- Keyword Research

Google Search Console

With the Google search console, you can see the performance for your website. You can see how many total web search clicks you’ve had.

Under performance section, you can find total clicks, total impressions, average click-through rate and average position in Google. You could see the search queries that are actually driving clicks and impressions to your website.

It will give you a lot of different ideas for some of the keywords that you can optimize for that you’re already ranking for.

The other thing that you can do is if you click on pages, here you can see some of your top pages in search results.

You can find all the different search terms that are actually driving traffic to that page and find some areas where you might be able to improve.


Use autocomplete to see what people are actually typing in as you start to enter any type of search term so for example if you’re looking up different keywords related to back pain, you can come over here to Google, you just enter the keyword.

It’s gonna come up with some of the top suggestions and it’s based on the overall popularity and similarity of these different keywords here.


You can come in to Amazon. Here, you can see if we come just over here to back pain, we click on space, you can see some of the top things that people are looking for when it comes to back pain.

If we come over to Bing, same exact thing so back pain, back pain relief, you can find all these different keywords by using autocomplete. This is a great keyword research technique when you’re creating content.

Amazon and then Google and Bing are just such big search engines that you can see what people are actually typing in when they’researching in these different search engines.

So using autocomplete is one of my favorite things to do especially as I’m creating content or coming up with some new content ideas related around an individual keyword.

Freemium Tools

Okay! so some of the next tools are gonna be some freemium tools that you can use. They’re gonna give you some key words but they either have a limit to how many searches that give you.

Some of them won’t give you all the information such as search volume and max cost per click, bids and different things like that.

Keyword Tool(

Oh! you can use Google autocomplete so this is gonna use Google autocomplete just like what I showed you previously, Google, YouTube, Bing Amazon, eBay or Instagram and Twitter so you can search a variety of sources here.

Kparser- suggestion tool for keyword research

The next one is Kparser. This is a keyword suggestion tool for SEO and PPC again this keyword research tool has both free and paid option.

You can see there’s a variety of sources that you can actually choose to search from, it can be useful if you’re looking for keywords from a variety of sources.


HyperSuggest, so this one same thing, you can search some different sources.

Here you can enter your keyword, you can choose country language and just click search.



Wordtracker find new keywords for your market and then there’s also word tracker scout. Wordtracker scout is a browser extension and it’s available for Chrome.

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