Nut Butter- Eat and Stay Healthy

Best Healthy Food To Eat and Stay Well

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Eat Healthy food not because it taste better. Its because it makes your body capable of performing process more smooth and natural.

What you eat determines how well your body perform. If you don’t care about what you eat then it could be worse and in long run, it prove to be a cause causing serious problem to your body and health.

Here I’ve come up with a list of foods that can help you to stay healthy in a long run.

1- Mushroom

Healthy Food- Mushroom

Mushroom contains essential nutrients needed for your body. Moreover, if you’re kind of person who prefer to eat meat, then it can also act as substitute for meat in taste.

Mushroom is a good source of Vitamin D. It also contains some traces of selenium.

2- Barley

स्लो-कुकर बीफ एंड जौ सूप

Barley includes fiber in a good fraction which is proved to be very beneficial for health. Another good thing about barley is that it got digested within few hours.

It can help to control and prevent blood pressure problem in your body. If you are suffering from high blood pressure, then you should consider including Barley in your diet plan.

3- Whole Grain Pasta

Healthy Food- Whole Grain Pasta, Avoid Multi-Grain

Whole Grain Pasta (as compared to semolina) contains more essential elements like iron and protein. Make sure instead of using Multi-Grain in your meal, use ‘Whole Grain.’

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Just continue using whole grain in your food and meal and after two weeks, observe the result. I’m sure you’ll be surprised from the observation and coming to know the importance of Whole Grain Pasta for your healthy body. 

4- Walnuts


Walnut is considered to be a good source of omega-3 fatty acid. Mainly it helps to prevent lower bad cholesterol (LDL) problems in body.

Moreover, walnut contains fiber, antioxidants and protein which is again good for health.

5- Nut Butters

Image result for Nut Butters

If you’re looking for a good source of healthy, unsaturated fats. Interestingly, the dishes made from this even taste better. Without adding any kind of preservative or something like that, you can experience a good taste of a food.

I know its only a small list of food. But with another post, I promise to come back with another list of 5 healthy food that can prevent the problem of blood pressure.

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