Hey guys! I’m Pawan and in this article, I’m gonna show you how you can add Google analytics to your wordpress website.

For those of you who don’t know what it is, it is basically a tool provided by Google.

It helps you track how many visitors are coming to your website and what they’re actually doing.

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It’s really important because you want to know whether or not your website is performing good or which content is popular so then you can improve it.

If you have a website and then this is a must have tool. And if you don’t have that then you probably not serious about your website because this is free and it’s an amazing tool.

Add google analytics for wordpress

So let’s get started. Once you’ve logged into your wordpress then you need to need to navigate to plugins section.

And then we’re gonna search for a plugin it’s called Google analytics. Click on install now button. Activate the plugin.

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And then once you have activated that then you should see a Google analytics tab under settings tab of wordpress dashboard.

And authorize that plugin with google account.

You’ve to also set tracking ID. And finally you setup google analytics for wordpress. Now you can search for your country here as well.

Google Analytics for WordPress

And this is the analytics dashboard and basically tell you the basic and the most important data that you need to know I for example how many visitors coming to your website have any page views and things like that.

Moreover, you can search up on different time frames as well as real time and also all different sorts of things.

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Let me know in the comment section, which plugin do you use for analytics either Monster Insights or Jetpack or Google Analytics forwordpress.

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