6 Useful Machine Learning & Prediction APIs

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The API stands for application programming interfaces. It acts as an intermediary to request information from a server and to receive feedback in a standardized manner.

Let us consider this with the help of an example:

Think of an API as a waiter in a restaurant. You have a menu of your favorite food and the kitchen where your request is made. Now the question arises, how do you take your request to the kitchen?

You call a waiter, give him your request, which takes your request to the kitchen and then. Your order is prepared there and finally, the waiter returns with your delicious meal.

The waiter is working as an intermediary between you and the chef and is similar to the API that acts as an intermediary between the client and the server.

The Machine Learning API used today provides a wide range of capabilities, ranging from language translation, facial recognition, image processing to Natural Language Processing (NLP) and many more.

There are a lot of machine learning APIs available in the market, with a team of developers who constantly work to refine them.

Here we have some versatile and tried filters of the Machine Learning API.

1. BigML

BigML is a machine learning rest API that enables designers to create and incorporate AI models for their applications. This enables the API designer to build a predictable model that includes supervised and uncapped AI functions evenly.

BigML allows the creation, retrieval, update, and deletion of BigML resources (project, source, dataset, sample, configuration, etc.) by using standard HTTP methods.

This API guarantees protected programmatic access to all BigML resources except completely white-box access to datasets, models, clusters and anomaly detectors.

Pricing – Enterprise – $45000 / $45000 Year + $10000 setup fee

Light – $10,000/night Year or $1000/month the moon

All these prices are for only 1 server (8 cores) and will vary with an additional server. Additional charges for additional support.

2. PredictionIO

Predication io is an open-source machine learning API based on Apache that makes it easy for information researchers to create forecast machines while providing the ability to create scales.

First, it is free to deploy the API, which provides a variety of almost complete templates that can be customized for use cases.

In addition, it responds to dynamic inquiries once deployed as a web service. It supplies engineered directions, demo instructional exercise and much more efficient and detailed documentation.

The API is updated regularly, thus you can go through further developed highlights.

Pricing – Not known

3. Amazon Machine Learning

The Amazon Machine Learning API gives each designer and data scientist the ability to quickly collect, train, and deploy machine learning. It is a fully managed service that covers the entire machine learning task process.

It can automatically tune the model to be as accurate as possible. This capability leaves us the repetitive experiment process of physically changing model parameters.


AWS Free Tier offers new customers 5,000 steps free of charge every month during the first twelve months. Usage beyond these levels is billed.

Amazon charges an hourly rate for the time generated for your application and the number of predictions.

Pricing is also dependent on the sector.

For the US East (Northern VA), prices will be $1000 per 1000 steps (AWS cloud) and $9.50 per 1000 deployment (on edge).

4. Anaconda

Anaconda is an enterprise-ready, secure and versatile API powered by Python distribution with a cache of 1,000+ open source packages. The best part is that you can easily deploy your projects in interactive data apps, live notebooks and ML models. Additionally, you can easily share these projects with your partners and other developers.

Pricing – Not available, contact the Anaconda community to get the current pricing.

5. Wit.ai

Wit.ai is an open-source NLP platform that provides the ability to add smart discourse functionality to web and portable applications. It offers a savory voice interface for applications like home automation, connected vehicles, smart TVs, mechanical technology, cell phones, wearables, etc. The WitAI API can be used to create AI-controlled bots that can speak like humans.

Pricing – Wit.ai is open source and free of cost.

6. Visual Recognition of IBM Watson

IBM Visual Recognission is a sub-part of IBM Watson Developer Cloud Suite that inserts content from discourse, discourse to content, questions and answers, tone analyzers, etc.

The specific part is that developers can easily train a custom model to Watson Studio (a free workspace where you can constantly create, evaluate with your own custom models, and deal).

Pricing – Lite – 1000 free images per month towards custom and pre-trained models

Standard – Image Classification ($0.002/month) image)

– Face recognition ($0.004/month) image)

– Custom Classifier Training ($0.10/month) image)

– Custom image classification ($0.002/month) image)

– Free Core ML Export as a Special Promotion Proposition


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