3 Tips to Geo Targeting with Facebook Ads

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Geo Targeting with Facebook Ads- We’re just going to start off with ads manager and you’ll notice that there’s a drop down menu for locations.

You can actually select people who live in the location or recently in the location or traveling to location but most of the time if you run a service business, you’re really only going to put everyone in this location.

Tip #1: Select the City

You just zoom out a little bit obviously we’re already in New Zealand so what we’re going to do is we’re just going to select the city in your dealer so the first step is you want to select the location of your service business.

Geo Targeting with Facebook Ads

Let’s say your business is in Christ church so far the default setting is 40 kilometers for a Facebook via now that that’s 40 kilometers from the centre of Christchurch.

And your business might not be in the center of Prussia should actually do some issues but what we can do is once we’ve selected our service location which is in the town or the city that were in.

Tip #2: Select distance range

The second tip is that you want to go through and you want to select the distance.

Geo Targeting with Facebook Ads- Set distance range

Now the shortest distance of 17 kilometers here just by clicking and dragging a little tab there we also notice that 17 kilometers takes as way outside of the city centre.

Tip #3: Drop Pin Feature

Well in the past Facebook only allowed us to drill down to about 17 kilometers.


I mean that when we put a Facebook ad sure it’s more targeted than say a billboard on a main highway that’s showing up to every every John below the driveway.

Geo Targeting with Facebook Ads- Drop PIN Feature

The next step we want to do is you really just want to Drop a PIN because that’s going to allow us to target even more and really narrow in on distance from our service business.

We want to use the Drop PIN feature so now we’ve changed the audience location.

Now what we’re actually able to do is instead of 16 kilometers out from our businesses, we save a restaurant and you want to entice people to try one of your new menu items.

People might travel 9 kilometers to get you for example so let’s zoom in and see where that gets us.

If you think people will travel to your restaurant who live say 9 kilometers could be perfect so you can literally just see how far the reaches there now.

Understanding geo targeting for your business

Let’s say for example that you want a dentistry ordental clinic then people may not travel very far or they may travel a long way.

We know in a gyms in particular they really do need to narrow down their location in order to get the best results because people one of the main things that people decide on when choosing a gym is location.

So locations that they won for gyms.


You might own a chiropractic clinic that can be sort of similar but if you’re a specialist and you really set yourself apart then people can travel long did longer distance anyway.

So let’s say for example that you enter dentistry and you really only want to target people three kilometers from your locations.

We’ve just looked at three kilometers and it’s only going to target people out the wig room almost some of the city center.

Now I’ve spent some time in the city so I do know that people would probably travel further than the city to get to a dentist so let’s try five kilometers for this dentist example.

That’s basically people are traveling from Aven slide up to Bishop tau.

I think that’s appropriate if you want to expand a little further and see how that goes through so people are willing to travel, feel free to experiment around.

That’s a quick wrap Geo Targeting with Facebook Ads. Hope you find this video helpful and informative.

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