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SuperSu Zip 2020

Who would have thought that rooting android devices would be easier over time? I couldn’t imagine the process of sitting on a couch at home and making complicated changes to Android. What many people forget is that Android is an open source project. With cheering, you can customize it the way you want it. The funny thing is, people are thinking of hacking Android and opening up the features. Well, it’s not!

Because it is an open project, rooting is a remote feature, which many people may not need it for. But for those who do so, here is an article for them! SuperSU is an APK that can root android devices. Before continuing with the installation process, make sure you have everything you can do with SuperSU.

SuperSU Details –

SuperSU was an app in the Google Play Store, but for some reason it was removed. The apk version is available for more than one version and for a long time in updates. SuperSU allows you to permanently route or unroute your Android device. Once you have root permissions for a device, you become a superuser because you can take advantage of many features and complex ROM-related operations.

You can use supersu root permissions to flush custom ROMs or kernels. In addition, after cheering, you can make the battery last longer than before. You can make a lot of changes to notifications for each app and notifications when the background or when the app is closed. Because flash devices and devices that get root permissions require tools, SuperSU is just one device that makes those tasks easier. In addition to permanently, you can temporarily unroute the device using SuperSU, just as you can switch from dark mode to normal mode or undo it.

Install and root using SuperSU-

Step 1-
Download the desired SuperSU version from the link below.

SuperSU v2.82

SuperSU v2.82 (beta)

Step 2-
Move the SuperSU zip file to the root of the internal memory.

Step 3-
Turn off your phone and start in recovery mode. You can do this by pressing the Volume Down button and the power button at the same time (on some devices, press the power at the same time when you turn up the volume).

Step 4-
When the phone starts in TWRP recovery mode, back up the current ROM. To do this, click the Backup button > Select Partition (Data, System, Boot, etc.). Swipe to get a backup.

SuperSu Zip 2020

Step 5-
In this step, you will use SuperSU zip to flash your phone. Click Install to locate the zip file. Select the file.

SuperSu Zip 2020

Step 6-
Swipe to see the flash. See the image below.

SuperSu Zip 2020

Step 7-
You should be rooting the Android system in step 6. Then, click Restart System on the screen.

Step 8
If you follow all the instructions correctly, your Android device is flashed, rooted, and booted correctly. To check the status of the route, download the root check app from the Play Store.

The process of unrooting is very simple. SuperSU App > Settings > Cleanup > Full Unroute opens. Check to continue unroute. Restart the device and check the status in the root checker.

Stay tuned for upcoming updates and related articles. Also, please share this article with everyone who thinks you can access more features by cheering on using SuperSU!