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Before I talk about, I’ll point out that this is my honest review from mom’s point of view. I’m not asking abcmouse to consider their services and I paid for their services like anyone else! This post is very popular, so i try to keep it updated with accurate information and suggestions.

*Disclaimer: Be sure to read the comments from the readers at the bottom of this post. Their experience and advice are as useful as mine! And feel free to add comments about success (or failure) in ABCmouse. I update this post frequently and try to answer all the questions.

ABCmouse is currently being sold while the school is closed. A one-year subscription is only $45 and this is an amazing deal. Scroll through the sales link.

What is ABCmouse

If you haven’t registered yet, it’s basically an educational website for kids who subscribe every month. Like me, perhaps you probably do as you think, “Why and why would I pay for something like that?” There are a lot of free internet! And that’s true. I can tell you my son’s favorite website right but ta, and they’re all free:

But my complaint about those sites is that there are pop-up ads and don’t always work (games crash or freeze unexpectedly), and sometimes my kids find the right game or You need help understanding the direction. ABCmouse is fully COPPA compliant (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act). It does not contain pop-ups or links to other websites, eliminating potentially dangerous access to content. ABCmouse also does not run ads of any kind. There’s still no problem not loading, crashing, or freezing (it’s better not to pay for it! )。

So, what DOES is it?

Well, almost everything. Your child can get an avatar and move around the classroom. Courses range from mathematics to reading, science to art. They almost have it all.

Education advisor. According to their website, they have a curriculum committee of experts in education, which helps plan the game and incorporates state standards into the classroom. Various screenshots. They like to keep their kids entertained, so they sometimes make the screen bigger for the holidays. Here’s an example halloween decoration for October:

What’s better about it? One month free trial

Try it for free for a month. If you don’t like it, be sure to cancel it. If you do not cancel, the charge will continue. There is no string attached. ABCmouse recently provided my own affiliate link to share with you (although my opinion on ABCmouse will never change. What I read here is honest truth. To access the 30-day free trial, go to this link. ** ABCmouse is currently being sold while the school is closed. A one-year subscription is only $45 and this is a great deal. You can access the sale from this affiliate link. Safety:

ABCmouse is a 100% safe and child-friendly environment and is fully compliant with COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act). It does not contain pop-ups or links to other websites, eliminating potentially dangerous access to content. They make sure it is a 100% attractive and fun education for kids! In addition, ABCmouse does not run ads of any kind.

There are literally so many things on this site that I like is that they appeal to different learning styles. There are audio pages, games, puzzles and art. They do their best to reach all types of learners.

Leveled learning: You can select your child’s level (from the previous K to two years) and change the level up or down at any time. Changing the level gives you a completely new set of games/activities.

Easy navigation: First look at it and say, “Hey, there’s too much here!” But it’s not too bad. There are many things to see and do, but tabs are easy to find and navigate. My five-year-old can play almost without supervision and doesn’t need much help to follow the instructions or figure out what to do with each activity.

Fascinating: The game is fun and funny, with vivid colors. They caught my son’s attention and he doesn’t even realize what he’s learning. He likes his favorite games and he can change levels, so he doesn’t always play with the same skills.

Incentive: Children will earn tickets for all activities at ABCmouse. They save tickets for “purchase” items in virtual rooms, virtual fish tanks, or virtual hamster cages (don’t worry because you don’t spend real money at any time). My son loves hamsters. He built elaborate tunnels for them and may be educational in and of themselves in an engineering way.

Assessment Center

I have no experience with ABCmouse Assessment Center options (not yet available at the time of using the service), but one of the readers offered advice about it and gave insight into whether it was worth it. This is her experience with evaluation options. Thanks to Diannika for sharing this information with us (more of her suggestions can be read in the comments section at the bottom of this post):

“The Evaluation Center has a variety of tests to help you determine when your child is standing. It will be a specific skill. What is listed as a learning goal on the kindergarten site includes a lot that she can already do, so I let both pre-k and kindergarten take it nearly five years old.

Some tests are designed to allow children to take on their child’s initiative, others need parental assistance. If you select the option to test each section individually, which is clearly labeled. However, if you choose the full evaluation option, all tests at that level will continue, so you need to monitor carefully and know when to intervene to help… While they are taking the test, you’ll probably be doing it anyway.

Those who need parental assistance count loudly (and parents have to say the height they counted without messing up) You can read things out loud and name shapes (and parents need to mark whether their child did it correctly). Parental instructions clearly show how much support a child can give in a task (for example, you can ask what comes later (the last number you said) about how high you can count the test. Stopped to encourage continue, otherwise if not instructed). I’d like to talk to you, if your child is struggling with certain steps, it can be really hard to help without intervention. Honestly, if your child can’t accept that you can’t help it, i don’t recommend an assessment.

We did a pre-k in the section and the kindergartens were all put together in one. Definitely keep it in the section… After each, you can see the score, and my daughter wanted her to get a 100% green circle in the middle. All-in-one, you will see the score until the end and the overall score will be displayed … To see the section score, you need to go to a more detailed view. When children realized they weren’t very attractive and couldn’t see the score, they were much less interested in testing. But she liked the meter at the top. It was both modes… A character walking toward the stars. If your child gets 100% in the section, that’s it. But if they are less than that, you’ll get the recommended activity to tackle especially that they are weaker.

What’s not so good about it?

It’s not free. No, but it’s not too expensive. At $9.95 per month (standard rate at the time of publication of this entry), it’s much cheaper than tutoring! The 30-day free trial is accessible here. ** ABCmouse is currently being sold while the school is closed. A one-year subscription is only $45, which is a big deal. You can access the sale from this affiliate link. Independent too. It’s easy for your child to play for hours, but if you don’t want to sit in front of your computer all day, monitor how much time your child spends on your computer and set a limit on how much time they spend playing. incentive to get in the way.

My son said he loves hamster cage ticket incentives. That’s all he wants to do with ABCmouse, but it’s not really an educational part. So I tell him, “You have to play six games first before you go to the hamster store.”

forget about it. You may not use abcmouse very much by purchasing it. If so, please go there and cancel the payment! ABCmouse updates automatically every month unless you tell it not to update (you can cancel it at any time). So be careful how much you use it.

Can my kids play on smartphones and tablets?

ABCmouse has apps that are compatible with most Apple and Android devices. The app is basically the gateway to gameplay, so you need a powerful WiFi connection and the latest updates on your phone or tablet. For more information, check the FAQ page on the website. Check out the recommendations for great educational apps for kids, especially if you’re looking for an educational app for kids.

What happens if I have two or more children?

ABCmouse allows you to register up to three children per account.

How do I cancel ABCmouse?

If you no longer need ABCmouse, it’s easy to cancel. Just go to the My Account section of the Parentpage page and you’ll see the option to stop the service. You can also reactivate your account at any time. Later, when my son got big enough and decided to cancel ABCmouse, he added a note that there was no cancellation issue.

Bottom line – is it worth it?

So will your kids jump up reading levels and become super learners they’re talking about in TV commercials? I don’t know about it, but it’s worth a try. If you can get a free trial (or the appropriate sale price for your subscription – we’re running multiple sales throughout the year), why not give it a try? Especially if your child is not motivated (or unwilling to learn), it’s worth a try. It is the best for the practice of summer. This web site may be useful if you have a specific area where your child needs support , such as recognizing the sound of a letter or counting it to 100. If not, cancel before the free trial period ends!

**As another supplement, the Jersey mom boy lost interest in ABCmouse just before entering first grade. This may not be the case with all learners, but this was my boy’s case, so I cancelled my subscription. Since writing this post, ABCmouse has added another level, so their program proceeds to second grade. I also highly recommend Adventure Academy, age of Learning’s newest online learning platform for children who have gone beyond ABCmouse. See my review post link below. ** ** ** ABCmouse is currently on sale while the school is closed. A one-year subscription is only $45, which is a big deal. You can access the sale from this affiliate link.