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It was postponed to the sequel to Captain Marvel, the star of Bree Larson. Many MCU fans have speculated what the sequel will do to improve the original, which was not very welcome as a great piece of superhero movie. The original film was marvel official and failed to do anything new, lacking James Gunn’s style atmosphere and Taika Waiti’s efforts with Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor: Ragnarok.

So you can’t blame the fans for believing that Captain Marvel 2 may be changing that scheme a lot. One of these major changes, rumors suggest, may be the debut of Wolverine, played by Henry Camer. This will be a very big event for the MCU because, citing The Quartering, will be the first example of a newly acquired Fox property that intersects Disney’s established world.

Now that Disney and Marvel’s studios have regained all the characteristics of Fox, fans are wondering who will join the new X-Men and the new Fantastic Four. Captain Marvel is teaming up with Wolverine in the comics, so there is a basis for this rumor.

DC and Warner Bros. failed to properly use Henry Cavill as Superman. The Justice League fiasco looked like another nail in co for Cabill to take on Man of Steel, but he openly said he wanted to return. He is currently playing the leadrole role in Netflix’s fantasy TV series The Witcher.