Hawaii Five-O Oahu Hawaii

CBS reboots for “Hawaii Five-0” will end now and after the 10th season. The series will broadcast a two-hour finale on April 3. Based on that conclusion, we will air a shy 240 episode of the original series of 1968.

“It’s never easy to say goodbye to a hit franchise that has inherited its original legacy while establishing its own signature style,” said Kelly Karl, president of CBS Entertainment. “From Episode 1, “Hawaii Five 0” has been a great success for us. Thanks to the amazing talent of producers, writers, casts and crew, it has played an important role for 10 years in our schedule and has helped establish a powerhouse on Friday night. We can’t be proud of its quality, longevity and we appreciate the dedication of passionate fans who were inspired by it. 」

The series follows the elite federal task force, whose mission is to wipe out the island’s crimes. Current cast members include Alex Olorin, Scott Kahn, Ian Anthony Dale, Megan Las, Bulla Koare, Katrina Law, Taylor Wiley, Dennis Chun, Kimmy Balmirero, This includes Kai McBride. James Marstars, William Sadler and Mark Dacascos are due to return to the finale. The series comes from executive producers Peter Renkov, David Walcobb, Matt Wheeler, Alex Kurzmann and Roberto Orsi. Lenkov develops reboots and also acts as a showrunner. Produced by CBS Television Studios.

“Hawaii Five-0 is very blessed for me and all the people who worked on this wonderful show,” Renkov said. “We really learned the meaning of “Ohana” because the audience accepted us and the Hawaiian people welcomed us with the privilege of shooting on the beach. I am forever grateful to Leonard Freeman, the creative genius who gave us such a beautiful story in the first place. And my eternal appreciation to our cast, who are heroes Alex O’Rowin, the writer, production team, our CBS Ohana, and most importantly, fans, came to work with pride and succeeded. Mahalo. 」

Renkov will continue to trade with CBS. He currently produces reboots for both macgyver and Magnum PI networks, so he currently has an overall deal with CBS TV Studios.

For next season, CBS previously offered multi-season updates for the comedy “Mom” and “Young Sheldon” last year. Later, in October, the network announced that it had updated the supernatural drama “Evil” for new students.