Everyone, including Rick from other series, took part in the action.

Most importantly, Adam’s story was finally tied to Hawaii 5-0 Season 10 Episode 18.

So, what, about ten minutes? As TPTB said, “That’s enough. No one likes this concept. 」

Zakarey Knighton Guest Star – Hawaii Five-0
He wiped them out before the masked gunman sneaked into his building and Five 0 responded to the “firing.”

After all, Adam was not working on the secret mission of other police agencies, not what Mc Garrett was doing on his side.

Case Close – Hawaii 5-0 Season 10 Episode 18
There was no such thing as these possibilities.

No, Adam took on an injusticeful mission to defeat Kenji and give justice to Masuda.

Well, he got his catharsis moment and arrested Kenji, but Five-0 chose a handful of thugs, a gang that could not shoot straight.

It’s all going well. But Steve is right to get angry because Adam defended him in the dark.

This is McGarret, the master of off-the-book missions. And Adam didn’t feel he could get close to him about it?

Steve’s Catch-Up – Hawaii 5-0 Season 10 Episode 18
The recurring theme in this show is to ask for forgiveness, not permission.

If something didn’t work out very well, Adam gave Steve a denial.

Catching up Steve - Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 Episode 18

I think you know that a handful of yakuza were killed in the way of Kenji. This is the cost of doing illegal business.

The problem was that Adam lied to McGarrett more than once.

This episode did not return to Adam’s punishment. And frankly, at the end of the series (we’ll discuss this in more detail later), is adam’s crusade’s consequences important?

Family Case – Hawaii 5-0 Season 10 Episode 18
In summary, Adam did good things in a bad way. End.

He will probably go back to the backup at any time.

It was exhilarating that Noerani and Quinn had acquired a third of the episodes, solving the mystery of Noerani’s uncle’s premature death.

Family Case - Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 Episode 18

Noerani is the time to win screen time at her own show instead of Magnum PI. That repetitive gig is now getting better.

Noerani didn’t know much about her four seasons. I think it’s because she didn’t have a habit like Max.

Murder – Hawaii 5-0 Season 10 Episode 18
It’s not her fault. Noerani was a fun character, but she was lost in the shuffle of endless efforts to push Chin and Kono away, Tani and Jr. arrived and pushed Adam into Five 0.

It doesn’t even count endless repeating characters getting one or two episodes in later years.

Every season, about 24 episodes, many characters offer the service.

At least Noerani is paired with Quinn, but Quinn is no longer developing.

Back on Hawaii Five 0 Season 9 Episode 22, Noerani admits that she feels like she let down the mentor when she chooses to become a pathologist.

Couple Search – Hawaii 5-0 Season 10 Episode 18

Scene of a Murder - Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 Episode 18

In this episode, she discovered that her parents, along with her father, played by Kimmy Barmirello’s actual Paparoy, never agreed with her career change.

But she showed them, proving that Akm did not die for natural causes. It’s hard to believe that a medical inspector forged the report because of the threat of parking, but the story was on it, so go there.

This is a very good result because Noerani was easily afraid that his uncle had committed suicide, but instead his murder was fixed on politicians who are dealing with drugs.

Couple Search - Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 Episode 18

After showing the value of her work, her parents came.

Quinn was very supportive throughout his colleagues’ case.

Approaching The Suspect – Hawaii 5-0 Season 10 Episode 18
Finally, and finally, there was a case of the most stupid pirates in the world. They just want to steal ARRR!

The highlight of the incident was Tani’s kitchen battle with the wounded pirates.

Closing In on Suspects - Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 Episode 18

Then Tani went to Magnum’s friend Rick, who knows rough people such as Oz, who offer a new “skin” to the stolen ship, rather than interrogating the pirates.

The dead pirates went to school with only members of the crew who were on the screen. What a coincidence!

Then the smuggler, whose goods were stolen, tracked the crew from the HPD squad car and invited them. It’s going to happen.