Eva Marie has something to complain about. Her business is fitness but it looks like Qantas Airlines has a problem with how she attracts in her business.

The former WWE Superster was refused to get access to the living room in the sakeklas because of how she was dressed. She claims sexism since her husband was admitted and he was also in athletics. Jonathan Coyle, Marie’s husband actually showed more skin than she.

In 2020 @qantas Airlines, Melbourne will not allow a woman who has a ticket in the business class to actively put in their sakeklasse. My Business IS Fitness and an active lifestyle. Qantas prefers their wives in a dress. #genderdiskriminasie #qantas

Clarifying: This is NOT a dress-up, I support the right of businesses to enforce fair dress code standards. Yet My husband could not carry any problem with it. While I am kicked off with this. My problem is that standards should be enforced in a fair manner @Qantas

She also delivered photographic evidence. Eva Marie says this is also not a clothing carrier. Let’s see if Qantas can fix this situation