TLC cameras follow the life of unexpected stars with a lot of drama. The time it seems, however, that they missed a pretty dramatic couple who could have given a rich storyline on Inwacht. Shayden and Lexus may not be filmed anymore. But their lives are full of up and descandes. Shayden recently took to Instagram to explain that he is no longer at Lexus. Not only that, he revealed that Lexus was cheating on him while in prison. Let’s look closely at it.

Unexpected: Lexus Cheating On Shayden

Lexus and Shayden have always been active in sharing photos and videos from their baby. For some time it seems that their social media activities were not like before. Fans have therefore begun to wonder if everything is alright. Fans are asking them for a long time about their current relationship status. So he said clearly this time what was going on between them.

Shayden said that the couple is not together. When he was serving a few weeks in prison because he drove to his workplace without licence, Lexus cheated with his best friend. Fans started asking questions and Shayden took the time to make a few things clear. He said Lexus said it was all for him and gone. But later he found out about the junction after a month of their dissolution.

Shayden still has her photos on his Instagram. According to him, Lexus is the love of his life and no other woman can ever change it. He also says that no one can make her erase.

Unexpected: What does the outline for a scarlet?

Scar, their 3-year-old daughter, ‘s situation is another source of concern among fans. Sheyden mentioned that he would like to undergo no court case. Since he gets scarvery much as Lexus does, there is no problem. He also said that he would not want to be at Lexus in the future and that he really thought it through. Although he wanted a woman and a family, it didn’t seem to be on the map.

Unexpected: Other women who use this opportunity

In his time, Sheyden found a lot of exposure. He is now a public figure and will always be on the radar of the usual mass. One fan asked if other women took the opportunity to use in the Dm. He told him that he was not the type of guy. What do you think of their future? Let us know in the comments below.