90 Day Fiance

Fiancée 90 days: Geoffrey Paschel’s legal problems are not over yet. He appeared in court on the charge of abuse at his eksmeisie. These charges include aggravating abduction, interference with emergency calls, domestic assault and vandalism. Let’s look closely.

90 days fiancée: Geoffrey’s apprehending in 2019

Geoffrey was arrested in 2019 because he attacked his friend in their home in Tennessee. The woman sought a command of protection against him. His report Geoffrey had dragged him around the house and threw her in the furniture and walls. She ran out at the front door and asked a neighbour to let her call 911. They agreed, and the authorities brought her to the ER.

The doctors diagnosed her with concussion. He pushed, beaten and choking her. In addition, he also made oral threats. She asked a temporary order of protection from him. The court hearing was in March. On 26 March he will return to the case.

Fiancée 90 days: Geoffrey still be legally married to Brittany

According to Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Geoffrey is still legally married to Brittany, which we consider to be his first wife. They have a child together. Britain and Geoffrey’s child were tragically deceased. The reason and details about him is unclear. Brittany lives in Canada and she may have her son only a few days in a month. The court certainly in favour of Geoffrey and lets him get three weeks, and let Brittany get him one week in a month. She once took him illegally to Canada, which led the court to award this schedule. However, when Brittany heard from a other case of abuse against Geoffrey, her advocate appealed for some changes.

Fiancée 90 days: is Geoffrey still with Varya?

Varya is the woman who attacked Geoffrey in 2019. If it is seen how he treated her, it is unlikely that they are together. Furthermore, Geoffrey refused to deliver any statements about his current relationship status with her. According to Brittany, she took Cayvan, their son, to Canada because of Geoffrey’s abusive nature. She said he had a history of abuse and that it is not safe for the child. The judge nevertheless favored him.

Their younger son died when he was with Geoffrey in Tenessee. There is therefore a chance that it can be his fault. Geoffrey still appears on fiance of 90 days: Before the 90 days. Fans can therefore hope on answers. In addition, his legal problems have not yet ended. His history of abuse is terrible. It is therefore safe to say that he is dangerous. Keep track of more news about 90 days fiancée.