The Hollywood star recognized how her worst date was

You may consider Charlize Theron as one of the most beautiful women in the mecca of film, but she has always persisted that status does not do anything but to complicate the task of meeting potential love interests, and he thanked for the fact to seek a couple. Precisely because no man is not carrying her normally.

On the other hand, the actress is too busy with her role as mother and her professional career to squander time on dates, especially those that seem to be taken from an horror story and from which she has lived a few.

‘ When I was twenty years old, I met a man who was incredibly attractive. I liked a lot of it, and many, “he explains while going through Jimmy Oimel’s programme to remember one of the evenings he wanted to wipe out from her past. ‘ He’s going to seek me, we’ll eat… We socialised and I thought it was wonderful.

The strange part came when they returned the car to the House of the interpreter and she began to show a body language indicating that she would expect more than a hug to say goodbye. After an initial kiss that looked out of a movie, the particular boy did something she didn’t expect.

‘ He pulls away slightly and says: ‘ I want you to kiss my nose. ‘ I swear my life, this is what he said. I’ll never forget, because I haven’t met another person who likes to ride someone with her nose. I’ve never met anyone else. “

Initially, Charlize responds as if it were a joke and gave him a kiss on the nose, but that wasn’t what he expected: ‘ He said no, ‘ he wanted me to kiss her nose with her tongue. ‘ And it’s all over for the actress.