Charlize Theron says her children think her Oscar Nomination is 'a waste of time'

Actor Charlize Theron revealed that her two children believe that her Oscar’s “Bombshell ” was a “waste of time”. The 44-year-old actor is named best actress during the 92nd Akademietoekennings for the depiction of the TV presenter Megyn Kelly in “Bombshell “.

Theron appears on “Jimmy Oimel Live ” and says the past few weeks was very “exciting” when she received the Golden Globes and Critics ‘ Choice Awards. After winning one of the awards, the actor said her children were a mixture of sadness and evil.

‘ They were upset. The little one was like ‘ Well, I really wanted you to win ‘ and the eight year old was like a sheer disappointment, ‘ ‘ said Theron. ‘ When the Oscar nominations came, it was the third time they looked… Now they are suspicious. They’re just like ‘ will you win this time? “I said: ‘ You know, listen, there is a good chance that I will not win. ‘ And my eldest said only: ‘ Well, it sounds like a waste of time ‘, she adds.

“Bombshell “, who also contains Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie and John Lithgow, also nominated the best Supporting actress and the best makeup and hairstyle.

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