Jenna Jameson starts her new weight loss journey by sharing tips with her fans in the process.

Last month, the former adult movie star announced that she intends to get back on track with the Keto diet. Thanks to a new Instagram post, the 45-year-old her fans give a look at exactly what foods she puts in her body these days.

‘ Here’s my first #keto menu for my fellow people who are with me on this journey! ‘

For the breakfast, Jameson said that she has one cup of coffee and two eggs with ‘ hot sauce and arugula wrapped in Parmesan Folios-cheese brapox. ‘

Her second meal of the day consisted of zucchini-noodles with a touch of butter with salt and pepper, and for the dinner, a Korean beeskom.

“I braai flower in a pan and then fry in a separate pan of the hamburger and then add some finely crafted ginger [sic], coconut, aminos, garlic and zebra oil, ” She explains in the long heading. “I fill the flower rice with the Hamcivilian mix and then sprinkle green onion… and Joila [sic]! It is so hearty and filling! ‘

She accompanies her keto inspired post with a sneaking photo in a red piece, with arms and legs.

In December, Jameson revealed that she would return to Keto after having gained 20 pounds.

“Confession. I gained 20 pounds. Ugh. I decided to take a break from #keto and live my best car life, “she wrote on Instagram.

‘ The weight came back quickly and angrily, ‘ she unveiled. ‘ I know that many people quit keto because it’s hard to sustain, and after a half-year I agree. Not sure if I will go back with full power or go with calories. ”

Jameson was the forefront to curb the benefits of keto diet, which she started in March 2018 to the birth of her daughter Batel Lu in April 2017.

Jameson shared her gewigstootreis chronically on Instagram and shared pre-and-after-photos in which she claimed to have lost approximately 80 pounds.