Jenna Jameson Let us wish that we were back in the 90 ‘s!

The 45-year-old ignited Instagram when she shared a burning hot photo that bore her in a similar swimsuit as Pamala Anderson during her “Baywatch ” days. The hot mommy’s long blonde hair and curved figure brought a serious nostalgia.

Jameson used the photo to announce her first meal plan since she was again on the Keto diet after the holidays. She previously revealed that she wanted to lose 30 pounds and decided to revisit the diet that was so effective last year. The former adult film star was lost in 2019 80 pounds, but admits that she has fallen from the wagon during the holiday time.

After a little stumble at the beginning of 2020, Jenna her first three meals, now that she would eat Keto. Her three meals sound delicious and healthy!

‘ Here’s my first #keto menu for my fellow people who are with me on this journey! ‘ Jenna has shared in the caption of her sultry photo.

1 cup coffee with stevia and a splash of sugar free koffiemaat.

Breakfast-two eggs, Cholula garlic hot sauce and ruccola wrapped in Parmesan Folios cheese brapox (bought at Costco)

Eetgesaaide Zucchini-noodles (ceecees-veggie Company-noodles) purchased at Whole Foods. I just fry it in a touch of butter with salt and pepper and they are so satisfying!

Dinner-Korean Beeskom. I was roasted in a pan and then fried in a separate pan. I had a roast, and then they added some finely crafted ginger, coconut, garlic, and sesame oil. I scatter the flower rice with the hamcivilian mixture and then sprinkle green onion… and Joila! It is so hearty and filling! “