Many musicians obtained a much bigger new audience by being chosen to act on the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.

By playing on the Fest, thousands of musicians were heard by festival Spromotors, talent discussions, representatives of the management companies, Platemaatskappye, Publists, and club owners of literally all over the world-to say nothing of the Hundreds of thousands of festgoers, maybe I never had the opportunity to see or hear about our wonderful local music. It can be said with truth that the Jazz Fest was the largest part of the music career of an orchestra. (Set aside: the Jazz Fest 2020 scheme is available at an unknown time tomorrow; we will post it as soon as it is given to OffBeat).

The same holds the musicians that are fortunate enough to be chosen to play at the Folk Alliance International (FAI) Convention.

I knew FAI very well by my old friend Louis Jay Meyers. Meyers was a smart, cool cookie, musician and concert promoter and one of the co-founders of South at Southwest in Austin. He leaves SXSW in 1994, sells his part of the enterprise, comes to New Orleans and tries to start a similar event in New Orleans: LMNOP (Louisiana Music, New Orleans Proud). It lasted three years. Meyers then continued with the guidance of the Folk Alliance, then based in Memphis. Unfortunately, Meyers died in a heart attack early in 2016; A great loss for FAI and for music music in general.

Another friend, Reid Wick, who is now at the survey Academy attended a Folk Alliance convention and returned about how fantastic and different it was. It was probably ten to twelve years ago (forgive me, Reid, if I didn’t have the timing), and immediately the idea broke out to ask FAI to keep the opportunity in New Orleans. Fortunately for all of us’s music freak, Wick is now in the board of FAI, and he has persuaded the powers (which are now headquartered in Kansas City) to hold the conference in New Orleans this year.

I can’t recommend this opportunity enough for everyone who is involved in New Orleans at music. There are several display windows from Louisiana-based or – contingency musicians, mentorship sessions, workshops, network with professional professionals (including festival and talent bookholders of all over) and so much more. It’s kind of what ‘ South was at ‘ earlier: less technical and corporate, more Musicus-centered, smaller and more manageable and very user-friendly. Main speakers are Rhiannon guide dens (see a conversation with her in our January edition) and Mavis Staples. How can you knock it down?

I am so glad that OffBeat forms part of this event (we are on 22 and 25 January co-sponsorships of Louisiana exhibitions with WWOZ). I wish I could go every day after each occasion, including the display windows. There are several display windows during the entire event, but what is still more interesting is that there are small private display windows that take place in hotel rooms at the Sheraton. So you can go from showcase to showcase to hear fantastic musicians that you may not have been familiar with.

Take our survey, and you can get a chance to win a few passes to FAI New Orleans. You should really have every chance that you can take to make it there. It’s so good.