Damon Dash was plotted on our TV because he allegedly denied on a promise that he would not let his son drink alcohol on ‘ Growing Up Hip Hop ‘… And now Daddy has summoned the network.

According to a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Damon says Dash that our TV of his child, Damon “Boogie ” Dash, had to take alcohol to increase the reality program, although they had agreed orally to give boogy a drop.

In his pack, the Roc-A-Fella co-founder claims that his family experienced emotional distress because of our TV’s insistence that boogy is on the programme.

Lady also claims that the network owes him cash… He says our TV doesn’t pay him for his work on the program.

In the document, Damon gives the case that there is a court order that has ordered TV to lead all money to Lady’s creditors, but he claims that our TV should not withhold the dough, in this case because the money to its third party business , Poppington is due.

As we reported, Lady recently landed with his money. In November, he wept for poverty and said in the court documents he cannot pay a debt of $2.400.

Damon also owes hundreds of thousands of children’s support, but his baby-mamas hood him from the equation and gets the money directly from Lee Daniels, who had reached an array with Lady last year on a matter of $5 million that brought Dash against Daniels.

We issued to our TV… So far no word returns.