Despite the drama surrounding his family, Damon sail “Boogie ” Dash II quite well. Fans of the work-television have seen on previous seasons of Growing Up Hip Hop How the 28-year-old struggle with drug abuse, but Boogy has been dedicated since his rehabilitation of its soberness.

His addictions caused a rift in his personal relationships, especially with his father Lady Dash, and the world looked as it was unravel in front of the TV cameras.

However, In the past season, a renewed boogy has returned, and although a sober action of the younger Dash is not possible for the Wiky television care, the fans are excited to see a happier, healthier version of the Workstar.

However, Lady is still busy with Boogy’s less favorable moments on Growing Up Hip Hop, and according to a report of TMZ, Lady takes the network court.

The outlet claims that Dame LEGV accused that he had a requirement to drink alcohol to appear on the series, although they allegedly closed an oral agreement with lady that they would give his son nothing.

TMZ reported that Lady claimed that his family had “suffered emotional distress as a result of our TV’s insistence that boogy joins the programme. “

In addition, Dame WeTV accused him to have made him stiff because he says he has not yet to be paid “for his work on the show. ”

Because of its reported court cases with his ecses and the moms of his children, Rachel Roy and Cindy Morales , and his alleged financial problems, the money he made from the network would have a lady skip and go to his creditors. However, it is reported that LAWV should write a cheque to his business Poppington and not to Lady himself.