(CNN)-a lawyer in Vermont wants to make the state the first to provide meals to all public school students.

The state Democratic Sen. Debbie Ingram submitted a bill last week which would provide free breakfast and lunch to all public school students before the K until the 12th class.

The proposal, she said, is meant to fill the gaps in the “equity ” and “need ” of the families, and comes at a time that the federal government in low-income families has ineligible with “changes in complementary food programmes such as (the Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Programme). ”

The programme is estimated to cost about $4 million per year – taken from the State’s Education fund – and would be phased in over a period of five years and working at the end of the year 2025, according to Ingram.

The Vermont legislature could not provide specific details on how funds from the Education Fund would be led to the meal-time programme.

Ingram said that the price label concerns some state-givers about the burden it will put on taxpayers, but she told CNN that there is already great interest in the proposal, which is in an early stage. ‘

‘ People must be convinced, because the concern is the cost. We are beware of not getting taxpayers too much, “said Ingram

Two other democratic legislatures – including the head of the Senate Agricultural Committee and a state’s Republican legislator, sponsored the bill.

The measure also intends to assist schools that may not meet the federal criteria for the provision of universal meals.

Approximately 16.400 public school students in Vermont received breakfast and lunch by taxpayers, according to the executive director of Hunger Free Vermont, Anore Horton.

The bill, supported by the organisation, is aimed at expanding it to approximately 89 000 students if accepted and the law is signed.

Horton told CNN the bill deals with the upliftment of the “stigma and shame” that students and families can experience in the traditional school meal programmes.

“We want to eliminate this last piece of inequality in ways we educate our students. Ensure that no student has to know how hungry at school feels, ‘ she said and later added: ‘ I am very confident that we will pick up universal schools in Vermont. Maybe it is not this year, but we have strong support in the legislature. ”