The list of undefeated teams in college basketball was cut Wednesday evening in half when Alabama formerly undefeated Nr. 4 Auburn 83-64 has knocked.

The Tigers entered the night 15-0, but in accord with the trend of this waking season, they never led, as Alabama went to wire-to-wire and had their biggest victory yet skinned from the seams Oats era.

Now remained as the only unproven team in sport: 18-0 San Diego states.

Auburn has until now overtaking with each obstacle on the log with a score of the top 10 and effective infringement. The Tigers shot the night only 31.7 percent from the floor and committed a season-high turnover of 21, which Bama used to his advantage, as 24 points were earned from the flaws of the Auburn.

Now the questions for Auburn will arise and how serious we have to take this Tigers team the rest of the way.

Yes, the record of 15-1 is one of the best in the sport, and yes, the points of Mark is still the best in the 15. But it was only the third road test of the season, the previous two won a victory of one point over South Alabama and a victory of 12 points across the state Mississippi. This team has not yet come into a selected opponent.

Since these questions arise, it cannot deny that Auburn has a core that is still intact to make a twist at the SEC. Isaac Okoro, whom the coach, Bruce Pearl, praised with zeal, achieved a team highlight of 13 points in the loss, while Samr Doughty and Austin Wiley added six and 10 points respectively.

Collectively, the trio shot just 9 of 28 off the floor-an outdoor evening that served as a runway for Alabama to party 40 minutes in Tuscaloosa.

The Crimson Tide was led by the second custodian of Kira Lewis, which recorded 25 points. Herbert Jones and Alex Reese added 14 and 13 points respectively.

They struggled as a team to shoot the three with any real consistency, but the way in which they defended Auburn and made turnover, they allowed to overcome shooting battles they had plagued against the Tigers.