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The National Championship Pre-Game Show contains a performance by Tim McGraw, before the victory of LSU about Clemson. McGraw, and LSU fan, performed a few songs during the pre-game performance, including “I Like It, I Love It”, who shared a fan on social media happily.

McGraw also performed ‘ Way Down ‘ with Shy Carter, which was part of an epic day for McGraw, who also includes the announcement of his lord on Earth tour, with Midland and Ingrid Andress, who was his first performance for all dates, and joined Luke Combs at McGraw, also For two slowdates.

“Everyone who knows me knows how much I like to play in summer is out for playing music. Everyone is there, sharing the moment, kuier and unloading, “said McGraw during the announcement of the tour. ‘ To be here on earth right now, together we share love for music and come through all life, it is what it is all about. ‘

The 52-year-old is eager to return to the road for his first solo tour since its Shotgun Rider Tour in 2015.

“For me to build a new stage and go back on tour, it will be amazing, ” said McGraw later in a video he shared on social media. ‘ Many new songs. We go back in the setlist and go through all the things we haven’t played a while yet, and play some of the things. “

The resident of Louisiana does have a strict, healthy eetregime, but he has allowed himself in New Orleans.