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The singer Sia is famous for being holding her cards close to her chest – and a wig about her face-about some important life updates.

The ‘ Chandelier ‘ singer (44) recently talked to GQ about Diplo, with whom she has been working together for years, among others in the supergroup LSD with the English singer-songwriter Labrinth.

‘ ‘ Much of our relationship is only spent on having sex, so we will not interrupt our business relationship because he is superdupper, “said Sia of Diplo (41).

“This year I wrote a text for him, and I said: ‘ Listen, you are like one of five people that I am sexually attracted to, and now decide to be alone for the rest of my life and I have just adopted a son. , I don’t have time for a relationship. If you are interested in sex without strings, then strike me up. ‘ ‘

Sia had no further comment on her son, but noted that Diplo ‘ is one of the Unsafest boys ‘ she has ever met.

‘ He doesn’t think he’s good enough with anything. He had a crazy low self-esteem, ‘ she said. ‘ It is so interesting because he is one of the most talented and most attractive people in the world. But he doesn’t know it. ‘

However, Sia gave in that Diplo’s insecurity is not present when making music.

While there was no question of Diplo’s response to Sia’s text, he confessed in the same article that he was more focused on being a father than a boyfriend.

I think I found true love for my children. I get lonely at times, I may have depression, ‘ he admitted. ‘ But my children, they love me, and they can’t escape me. Any friend will eventually break up with me because I’m so busy, and I’m just a bad boyfriend. My Kids, they literally can’t be My job to be good with them. ‘