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Despite her praises, Sia described Diplo as “one of the most insecure boys I’ve ever met”.

Sia shared two shocking facts about herself. The singer confirmed that she was a mother and that she was sexually attracted to the American DJ Diplo.

In a new magazine interview for a play film on Diplo, the hit of the Cheap Thrills said she had adopted a boy while acknowledging that she is not immune to her sexual appeal from her friend/coworker reported

Sia confirms she's a mom, admits being attracted to Diplo

Sia confirms that she is a mother and acknowledges that she is attracted to Diplo

Sia Zemlin about SMS and questions about Diplo if he needs some ‘ no strings ‘ * *

She spoke to GQ during a phone indicator, about her casual sex concern.

“I wrote a text this year and said: ‘ Listen, you’re like one of the five people I’m sexually dressed in, and now that I have decided to be for the rest of my life alone and I have just adopted a son, I don’t have time for a relationship. If you are interested in sex without strings, then hit me, ‘ she said.

On the reason behind her proposal, Sia said, “a large part of our relationship is only spent not having sex, so we will not destroy our business relationship because he is superduper. “