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The mega star has previously released a clothing collection at high street retailer Topshop

Beyonce set her first capsulecollection with the sports clothing giant Adidas free.

The Queen of Pop, film star and mother of three is ready to launch the collection soon, according to the Adidas website.

In 2016 The American singer introduced the athletic hours dress mark along the street Street store, but later cut ties with Sir Philip Green after the 66-year-old businessman of sexual harassment, bullying and racial abuse were accused.

Now Beyonce again goes into the fashion world with the collaboration that includes clothes, shoes, accessories, and jewelry.

The first Adidas campaign is now released for the latest collaboration, with a video of the star with a whole number of beautiful models that not only celebrates the collection but also culture and diversity.

The love for Beyonce to be powerful and fiercely, shines in her latest campaign, with visuals that Ivy Park-trainers, gold jewelry (whims, bracelets and an across), a 80-year-old shell-inspired burgundy, with orange stripes and a Couple more distinctive look.

The star also appears in a white tracksuit with cleft spare parts in one shot, and one of her masculine appearance was an extreme craagjacket that was folded down to create a promeaning effect.

There is a lot of frail driven appearance that comes from the collaboration, which will be released according to PopSugar on 18 January.