The legendary screenwriter, director and actor left his mark on Hollywood for over five decades.

Buck Henry , playbook krywer of The Graduate and co-skepper of that Get Smart TV series, died Wednesday from a heart attack at that Cedars-Sinai Health Center in Los Angeles, the sy vrou Irene to The Washington Post. Hy was 89 years old.

Henry the sy TV skryfcareer beginning work vir skillful TV series soos The New Steve Allen Show, The Garry Moore Show and Captain Nice.

Hy it’s an Oscar nomination get vir sy playbook vir The Graduate, which hy saam with Calder Willingham geskryf it . That 1967 film, starring Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft, also earning director Mike Nichol as an Oscar. Henry and Willingham are nominated vir that best adapted playbook.

Henry agrees with Mel Brooks who spioenfout Get Smart vir NBC in 1969 saamgestel . Hy it also playbook vir a number of flieks geskryf, including What’s Up, Doc ?, Is There Sex After Death? and those Owl and that pussycat

Benewens sy skryfkrediete, directed Henry Heaven Can Wait , which in 1978 still won an Oscar nomination.

If this wasn’t impressive enough, Henry was also an artist. Sy acting credit closes rolle in Taking Off (1971), The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976) and Eating Raoul (1982) and The Player (1992). Hy it recently played that dad of Lemon Lemon in 30 Rock, and in 2011 in multiple aflewerings of Hot in Cleveland verskyn as Betty White se kêrel.