The last of the Sinnoh region starters finally gets its Community Day

A Piplup stands on a rock with waves crashing overhead

Pokémon Go’s January 2020 Community Day will feature Piplup, the adorable penguin water-type Pokémon.

The community day takes place on Sunday 19 January, but the time of the meeting will differ depending on which hemisphere you live, which is a first for the game.

Players in the northern hemisphere will have their meeting active from 11:00 to 14:00 in their local time, and players in the southern hemisphere will have their meeting from 15:00 to 18:00 in their local time.

During this occasion, Piplup will be in large numbers, with a great chance to find it shiny.

Piplup, Prinplup and Empoleon stand all together with their shiny versions

The special Community Day move for Piplup should still be announced officially, but it is pretty safe to say that it will be Hydro Cannon, like all the other water types of Pokémon.

The development of Piplup to the final evolution thereof, Empoleon, will give this powerful movement during this event. It is a good movement for Empoleon, making it a strong attacker of the water type, just behind Kingler, Kyogre and Swampert.

All eggs placed in greenhouse during the event period will also hatch four times faster than usual. As with all other community days, bait will also last three hours.