Piplup will be the star of this month’s Community Day.

Pokemon Go‘s first Community Day of 2020 is set for Sunday, January 19, and now we know what Pokemon you’ll be able to catch during the event. Niantic has announced that Piplup, the Water-type penguin from Diamond and Pearl, will be the featured Pokemon for January’s Community Day.

Throughout the event, Piplup will appear much more frequently than usual in nature, making it a great opportunity to buy Piplup Candy.

You will also get your first chance to catch a shiny piplup in Pokémon Go, and the Pokémon will learn a special exclusive event if you can develop it to its final shape, Empoleon, up to two hours after the end of the community day.

This month’s event movement has not yet been revealed, but the previous Aanvangspokemon could teach Hydro Cannon during their respective community days.

In addition to the elevated Piplup spawns, some other bonuses will be available during January’s community day. As usual, any bait modules you use during the event will remain three hours, rather than the usual 30 minutes.

Pokémon eggs will also hatch on a quarter of the distance they normally take. You can read more information about January’s community day on the official website of Pokemon.

Like the previous community days, January’s meeting is three hours, but it will take place at different times, depending on which hemisphere you live. For players in the northern hemisphere, the event lasts from 11:00 to 14:00 local time; In the southern hemisphere, the community Day takes place at 3-6 pm local time.

Meanwhile, the Hatchathon meeting of Pokémon Go is still underway until 16 January. The legendary Pokémon Heatran also returned to Raids for a limited time, and there is a new series of field research. You can catch up with more Pokémon Go news below.