Origin stories are a tough nut to crack. Try to make people quicker about what the first time came for a character we know is more challenging than it sees on the eye.

In The film Joker we look at one possible story for the creation of one of the greatest faces of Batman.

Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) lives a tranquil life. Fleck takes care of his MA Penny (Frances Conroy) and works a variety of performances for a clowning agency.

He is an unrecognizable individual who walks in the streets of the spirit of Gotham City, but it will slowly change.

After being jumped by children while he has a ‘ Going Out of Business ‘ plate crackling, Arthur gets a gun through a colleague. Although he knows he shouldn’t have it, Arthur conveys the weapon to different assignments.

This is the last thing you would expect a clown to wear, and the beginning of Fleck’s metamorphosis of quiet, unashamed clown to the leading ‘ exporter ‘.

Throughout the evolution of Arthur we see all the small dark and disturbing moments that appear within the cocoon of his life. The experiences that hurt him, the thoughts he has, the actions he takes and the revelations that look at the surface uncover its internal mental illness.

We get Joker’s first encounter with one Bruce Wayne (the future Batman, if you were not aware of it) as a boy, and the structure is there to integrate this story into the Batman storyline.

Note that there is nothing strange or comical to Joker. Phoenix does an incredible job to bring the internally Getelde Fleck on the screen. I feel all the stab planes he is tackling, like little intestines in the entire film.

I have a empathy with the character about his treatment, whether he or she has been observed. But that treatment does not inconvenience bad behavior and to the point that Arthur changed, I went away and hated the villain instead. All this is made possible because of Phoenix.

It is not my Joker (Cesar Romero) of my father or my Jokers (Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger). Phoenix developed a Joker that in his madness much more corresponds to that of Ledger, but even darker and more genuine, something I didn’t think was possible.

Slower and more methodical than most films within a superhero universe, Joker will have to shock and disturb some to no end. If you’re like me, you feel it’s a wonderful opportunity to perform a lot of other and open-hearted discussion about mental illness and how we treat each other in a social media-driven world.

We are quick to belittle, quickly to criticize and quickly attack. Maybe it’s time for more reservations, deeper dialogue and a touch heart when we interact with each other.

There is help for all of us, even Arthur Fleck. Hopefully more people will take it from Joker rather than glorify the violent behavior of the crazed. However, one thing is clear: Madness and chaos reigns in Joker.

Joker is available from demand and on DVD from 7 January. Check your cable system for availability