Still from Joker

Director Todd Phillips says if you want a zero on the main theme of Joker, you should watch what is missing.

In the comments of the Director for the homerelease of the Golden Globe acclaimed film, Phillips claims that it is a theme that can be forgiven the audience if he does not miss: the power of friendliness (via CinemaBlend).

Let us re-formulate it: we would forgive you, but Phillips might not do it. The director tends to deliver reasonable statements about Joker, and his remarks on the theme is definitely no different.

“If I had to lay an overarching theme for me, it is about the power of kindness and many people miss it,” he said. ‘ I think that if you don’t see that you don’t have a soul, or that you’re less good at your own fight in that area. But for me, that’s where it started from there.

Are other things in the film such as lack of affection, the lack of empathy in the society and trauma of the child, but the power of friendliness really runs through this film. “

I don’t seem to have a very good statement in relation to Joker’s legions of fans who may not have taken this theme, but we will give Phillips the advantage of the doubt.

What we are pretty sure is that he tried to say, is that it must be clear that kindness is lacking something else from the life of Arthur Fleck, and that if it were not so, the old could seem to be quite different.

How do Arthur’s seductions apply to this theme?

Still from Joker

Although Phillips’s onslaught may seem slightly, his stated theme of Joker becomes a bit clearer when you look at the rows in which Arthur suffers from deceptions.

It happens early and regularly, the first time he is a fantasy to act on the stage with a talk, Murray Franklin (Robert De Niro), and to arrive at the stage. Murray shows Arthur respect and admiration, two things that are safe to say that he is never shown by virtually anyone else in his life.

Arthur’s desire for friendliness is even more explicitly made by his forfeited relationship with Sophie (Zazie beetroot z), which is presented for a large part of the film as if it really takes place.

It is first revealed at the end of the film that it is all in Arthur’s head, just before he goes on a murderous tear during which he killed his mother Penny, Murray (on Live TV), and his former associate Randall.

It is easy to see Arthur’s crazed imagery pointing out an absolute yearning for kindness and assent, and one can even point out that he has left another collaborator, Gary, unharmed (because Gary has shown him a smile of friendliness) as Illustratief for this theme.

It is not frequent that a movie maker will try to guide us to what he believes is important by giving us a worldview in its complete absence, but then Joker is not a regular film.