Netflix (NFLX) debuted a trailer on Monday for its latest original series, “The Goop Lab,” and even though the six-episode series doesn’t premiere until later this month, it’s already causing controversy.

Goop, for the unentrenched, is the lifestyle and small brand of actress Gwyneth Paltrow, which was valued in 2018 at an estimated $250 million.

The brand has received a reasonable deal of criticism on some of its products and health claims and has been imposed with fines for “incompetent claims” two years ago.

In his brief adherent, The Goop Lab seems to embrace the controversy rather than avoiding it. The trailer teasing Paltrow and her team and talks about everything from energy healing to psicist.

Netflix describes the series as a revelation glimpse of the border-driven theories that can transform our spiritual, physical and emotional well-being.

The program has not been launched yet, so it’s hard to know more details. But why would Netflix want a brand so controversial about it? According to controversy, Zak Shaikh, vice president of programming and entertainment can be a controversy at the research-based media company Magid.

“Netflix and streaming services in general have not achieved the same success with unwritten content than they have with a written range, ” said Shaikh to CNN Business. ‘ Perhaps they see a collaboration with a somewhat controversial brand as a way to get that attention. ‘

Shaikh also pointed out that controversial topics have a less influence on Netflix than traditional television, because the current service’s business model is based on subscribers rather than ads from companies that might not want to be associated with Goop.

“Although it is clear why the reasons why brands want to kontroversieër themselves with controversial performances, the subscriber tends to choose a platform based on what they want, and not what they don’t want, ” he said. “In the custom and very overcrowded programming menu you see on Netflix, it is possible that the subscribers that may have been evicted by Goop will not even see it In their menu. “

Paltrow’s star power can also be a factor for Netflix.
The 47 year old actress is an Oscar winner who displayed in leading dramas such as ‘ Shakespeare in Love ‘, as well as marverstripes such as “Avengers: Endgame. ” She also appears on another original Netflix series, ‘ The Politician ‘, in which she is as executive Principal. Her name recognition is another way for the stretching room to queue potential subscribers.

Regarding Paltrow and Goop, there are 158.3 million reasons to collaborate with Netflix. Despite a torrent new streaming services such as Apple TV + and Disney + the past months, Netflix is still the premium name in streaming with 158.3 million subscribers worldwide.

“We always try to expand our footprint and expand our audience, and when the opportunity to do this show comes up, we thought it was really an incredible manifestation to take our content to another platform, ” said Paltrow Monday to CNBC. ‘ It’s off our channel and on this massive channel. ‘
Paltrow also told CNBC Bopen has learned from errors from the past.
‘ I think when we started a little and did not know of claims and regulatory issues, we committed a few mistakes in the early days, but we have now been having an incredibly robust and brilliant science and regulatory team in the home for more than a year. , “she said. ‘

Of course we are very focused on the backup of the things we are talking about with scientific allegations, if necessary, or to say: ‘ Hey, it’s just for you entertainment. ‘