Lizzo Steps Away from Twitter Over 'Too Many Trolls,' Tells Them 'It's Over for U' on Instagram

The singer ‘ Truth Hurts ‘ shared an enabling message on Instagram, even though she announced her hiatus on Twitter due to the ongoing online bullying.

You know things are bad as Lizzo decided that she had enough. The singer ‘ Truth Hurts ‘ has announced via Twitter that she is decreasing a strike from Twitter due to cruelty and bullying.

But it seems she still likes it on Instagram (with comments active), where she also targeted her trolls in her most recent post.

Unfortunately, online trolls are a life-fact for all, but they seem to target women in excessively larger numbers, and women of color even more and women from smaller color maybe the most. And although Lizzo was usually strong enough and empowered to show her downbreakers and pull them back with one to another, she apparently reached her breaking point.

‘ Yes, I can’t do this Twitter anymore… Too many Trolle, ‘ said Lizzo with a tranquil emoji. ‘ I’ll be back if I like. ‘

Meanwhile, Lizzo on Instagram made her latest post on the same people who drove her from Twitter. “Confidence is back… It’s over for your trolletjies, “she wrote with a sneaking video of her hair in which she dropped her hair in slo-mo to her own cut, ” Lingerie. “

So, what is it? Did they chase her away, or are she ready to tackle it?