“I gave him a clap on his nose, and it was very painful for him,” she said of her defense

The former Princess of Luxembourg, Tessy Antony, says she had to defend herself once against a co-military officer who wanted to do her sexually.

Antony, who joined the Luxembourg army at the age of 18, remembers the incident on the podcast of Paola Diana, Unleashed: The Game Changers.

“Another [member of the] army who had been sexually tried to put my edge, so I had to defend myself,” said after she was asked if she ever had fear of living during her time in the army. According to her, the incident took place during a peacmission in Kosovo where she was the only woman.

‘ I gave him a clapped on his nose, and it was very painful to him, ‘ she said about her defense, adding that the experience ‘ is not a big case ‘, because she feels properly trained for such a battle.

‘ But for me this was not a big matter, because I knew what to do ‘, said Antony, who no longer could use the title princess after her divorce of the Luxembourg Prince Louis, said. ‘ I had the training. ‘

Although Antony could have been able to fend off her attacker, the experience inspired her to talk about sexual violence on behalf of others.

‘ But that is why I am talking about it, sexual violence in conflict, which is often a oorlogswapen, but also practiced between the Army: Man with man, man with wife, also women against men, ‘ she explains. ‘ I think it’s a stereotype we need to talk about. ‘