A former member of the royal family of Luxembourg had opened up an attempt for sexual assault while she served in the military.

Former Princess Tessy of Luxembourg

Tessy Antony de Nassau (34) was a teenage site when she says a military officer had sexually assaulted her and asked to defend herself.

‘ I gave him a slap against his nose and it was very painful to him, ‘ said the former princess at Paola Diana’s podcast ‘ Unleased: The Game Changers ‘.

Nassau told her the experience was not a big case because she knew “what to do”, but she added that she would like to speak on behalf of all women who had a similar experience.

“I want to give confidence to all the other women who have experienced it to speak and defend themselves, because we still have a long way to go, ” she said.

‘ This is a shame subject… If you’re so humbled, to talk about it. ‘

Nassau continued to talk about her relationship with her former husband, Prince Louis, about their ‘ amazing chemistry ‘. Prince Louis is the third son of the ruling monarch of Luxembourg, Bithertog Henri.

“I was in the army and just returned from Kosovo, where I met my language when I was working in the medical unit,” she said. ‘ I met him when I watched his eyes, and I was a little invigorated and I was lying down that I would just let him pass away if he met my tea, and he laughed.