Seeing the top sights in Europe’s big cities can be intense. Here you are in Paris, at last, just to find that it’s hot, it’s crowded, and that your dream of having a quiet moment with the Mona Lisa is shared by around six million people every year.

The mission of my most recent journey to Europe was to find peace and tranquility in big cities that were inundated in many ways with tourists. And it’s surprisingly easy to do.

Many travelers stick to the most famous tourist attractions-and I don’t blame them; Everyone’s holiday time is limited, and the attractions are known for a reason.

But cities like Rome, Florence and Vienna have a number of sights where you can enjoy an equally exciting artistic encounter without the overwhelming crowds.

In Rome-the ‘ Eternal City ‘-you can spend the feeling of eternity and wait in line with your fellow tourists in the most common places. Luckily, Rome has very highly rewarding tourist attractions that are cool, quiet and a heartfelt look at an amazing ancient world.

It is best to see the famous places of ancient ruins, especially the Colosseum and Forum, and often neglect the treasures that are indoors.

The relatively empty national Museum of Rome, for example, houses the world’s largest collection of ancient Roman art, including emperors and one of the best Roman specimens of the classic Greece’s long reverence Discus Thrower statue.