Alayah and Peter Bachelor

Peanut butter and jelly. Biscuits and milk. Former competition title holders and the BA franchise.

These are just a few things that work very well. If you are a true member of the Bachelor Nation, you know that the famous mansion has been a whole lot of girls over the years, and this season is no exception.

One of the participants fighting on Peter’s love is Miss Texas 2019, and her official Biobio-biography makes it seem like we can have a repetition of the Hannah Brown and Caelynn Miller-Keyes drama from last year. Here’s what the cinema of the Queen says:

Alayah is perhaps best known as Miss Texas 2019, but this pageant queen has much more going on than just a beautiful smile.

Before Alayah won the crown in 2019, he competed and competed in the Miss Texas competition three times; The fourth time is the charm to this queen! Alayah enjoys visiting with her gals on the San Antonio River Walk, drinking wine and giving back her community.

She is looking for a man who has strong goals for the future and will not hold her down if she wants to follow passions. Alayah is also ready for a family and hopes that Peter is on the same page. Will this striking girl be on good foot with the other ladies, or will there be known faces out of her past?

Your… What do you mean “will the well-known faces of her past pop up”?

It certainly sounds like one or another big is going down! In the event that you missed the season of Colton, Hannah (Miss Alabama) and Caelynn (Miss North Carolina) were former friends until something mysterious happened what made them to total enemies.

This led to a large amount of drama on the screen, and Alayah’s bio-sounds like it indicates something similar.

According to the rest of the participants bios, there are at least three other women involved in the Miss USA organisation:

Kelsey Bachelor Pageant Drama

Kelsey was teacher Iowa in 2017, meaning that there was a chance that she had crossed with Alayah at a certain time, because Alayah competed for a few years before being crowned in 2019. But her biography also says:

“Coming out of the pageant world, Kelsey is an old proffie to compete with other women but do not get distorted; She’s not looking for drama. So. It doesn’t sound like it’s, but everything is possible.