Peter Weber. the bachelor wearing a suit smiling and holding a red rose on white background

The dawn of a new year is finally coming to us, which means it is time for America’s most important tradition: ten of these winter’s darkest, coldest weeks are spending to seek attractive twenty-and-thirteen pontomime to true love on national TV.

Yes, 18 years after The Bachelor was on ABC – this franchise, it would be a person, old enough would be to drop a ballot in autumn – Start the program’s 23rd season tonight.

For those of you who need an underlayer on the latest recurrence of this long-genorised Black Mirror premise before attending your collaborator’s compulsory viewing party, I am, as always, here to help.

Who is this time the Bachelor?

It is the 28-year-old Delta Airlines-pilot Peter Weber, whose reward for the third summer on Hannah Brown’s Bachelorette Lane last summer was a whole season for him.

You will often be referred to him as “Pilot Pete,” because everyone loves cute alliteration, and also because the producers are supposedly excited that the guidance of this show for the first time in a few years is a task that (1) cool and (2) EC.

Weber grew up in Southern California. He is a vocal fan of the Seattle Seahawks, which makes him well suited for a life of high drama and crushing disappointment. He also has an exceptionally pure IMDB page, which somehow has noticed his appearance of one episode on Days of Our Lives in 2003, but does not mention that he is the Bachelor.

I want to make sure I understand: Tyler Cameron isn’t the lead role? How is that possible?

Thank you for the question. Cameron, what it would seem like a set of abdominal muscles with a charming attraction that was speaking and kindness could show, allegedly showed the action of the hand because his ‘ heart ‘ was not 100 percent there. ‘

To say that the Bachelorette runner-up, which is romantic linked to the supermodel Gigi Hadid (last year) and the Kylie Jenner Associate, Stbox Karanikolaou (more recently), is completely too famous for this.

If he does make a comet, he will probably be the most famous player who appears throughout the season, including Pilot Pete. Keep your fingers crossed, Cameronheads.

What is the most important thing I should know about Peter?

In Hannah Brown’s immortal words: Pilot Pete been in a windmill.