Nina doubts about her relationship with Valentine’s time and was confident that he had helped the Sasha for her. On the Monday, 6 January episode of ‘ General Hospital ‘, Nikolas’s return would help Nina to get perspective on her future.

In the ABC-promotional video, Nina (Cynthia Watros) tells someone she knew it was all the time. Treats the “General Hospital ” reveals Nina asking Maxie (Kirsten Storms) for help.

It seems that Nina will use the return of Nikolas (Marcus Coloma) to further a slaughter Valentine (James Patrick Stuart). Nina will let Valentine know that she is aware that he has helped Sasha (Sofia Matt Sson) to pretend that she is her daughter.

Although she wants to confront Valentine, she will need help from Maxie. Although it is unclear why she will go to Maxie for help, she can ask her clean sister to take Charlotte (ScarFernandez) out of the chaos.

Sal Nina using nikolas’ return to destroy Valentin, or sal sy by sy sy stand to prevent sy Charlotte’s taste?

Elsewhere in that promo video vir that ABC sepie tell Nikolas vir Valentin that hy lost everything sal. “GH” -bederwers reveal that Valentine is confused.

Embarrassed Valentin Nikolas is forcing it to sign ear that Cassadine estate and then kill death skiet, this is no wonder that hy is confused ear how that prince lives no. Sal Valentin can take time nikolas manage ear hul gesin se fortune?