Drake and Future

Dragons and Future are all busy with singing licks.

It is simply the beginning of 2020, and dragons and Future find them already controlling damage once a song of their upcoming project is What A Time To Be Alive 2 is licked.

The song that was leaked, with the title “I Know”, comes the weekend on streaming platforms to emerge, but has been removed meanwhile.

In 2015 one of the best collaborative projects of the past decade was released in the form of dragons and Future’s What A Time To Be Alive Mixtape. Since then, the fans ask the successor, and based on the comments of the artist, it was recorded.

Many people thought they could listen to the mixtape or at least pre-order before the end of 2019, especially because both dragons and Future had the second installment for almost the whole 2019.

The queue again, since the long-awaited project did not arrive before the end of the year.

In June 2019, Future even provoked a cut on his Instagram page, which left rumors about the album’s Landing before the end of 2019. Savage. Unfortunately, it is not sure that the song to which music video is connected.

It seems as though 2020 may be the year for returning the second installment of the mixtape. This assumption was very fuel by one of the first major leaks of 2020.

The new clip is according to the title “I Know” and was shared on SoundCloud.

Unfortunately, it has already been removed from the free stream platform, but it is still available with some users on social media.

The track was allegedly leaked by an engineer and seems to be that it is the same track as what Future in June last year saw beforehand. According to remarks on Twitter, the fans of what they have heard and cannot wait for the official release of the track and the entire project.

If only the beginning of the year, the one listener calls it so far ‘ the best leakage of the year ‘.