Alayah meeting Peter on The Bachelor

At this point, The Bachelor is actually just an extension of the Miss USA spectacle. Like many participants before her, Alayah of Peter’s Bachelor season competed in the pageant world once.

It will give her something to talk about with the former teacher Alabama Hannah Brown, which is host to one of Peter’s group dates during the premiere episode on which Alayah incidentally was on.

Alayah did not compete for the same year as Hannah or a co-competition competitor-Twisted Bachelor-Star Caelynn Miller-Keyes, but as both of them she went to the Miss USA pageant. Alayah came as Miss.

Texas competed in the 2019 Miss USA competition, although she did not do it in the top 15. Before doing miss. Texas won was Alayah teacher San Antonio.

This is where her ABC biography says that she is from and where she works as a orthodontic assistant. The 24-year-old biography also says that it lasted four times in the Miss Texas play to clean the winner out. So she’s not someone who’s easily quit.

Nevertheless, Alayah had to give up the previous autumn her Miss Texas crown, when she gave it to the present Miss Texas Taylor Kessler.

Miss USA participants always have a philanthropic passion that they stand for as representatives of their state, and Alayah’s literacy. Her me. Texas, told that she started a campaign named Read the Way to help local students read, write and set goals.

This is a personal mission for Alayah, whose biography says she was diagnosed at high school with dyslexia, but that she worked hard not to keep it back. In addition to her Read the Way campaign, Alayah also helped to start a kledingboetiek where purchasing ‘ literacy initiatives ‘ helps.

Unfortunately, Alayah’s Bachelor journey can be a turbulent journey. Host Chris Harrison revealed that “perhaps the wildth achttrack ride of the entire season around Alayah centers. ”

He added that it would include ‘ controversy ‘ and ‘ emotion ‘, and that it is something that has never happened before the show. Of course, Harrison often use a hyperbool if she talks about the drama that is coming, but Alayah will definitely see if she is involved in a situation that has never happened before The Bachelor.