The New Mutants movie will introduce Blu Hunt as Dani Moonstar, the mutant they call Mirage. Here’s everything fans need to know about her!

New Mutants will introduce viewers to the superhero Dani Moonstar, also Mirage – and here’s everything you need to know about Dani in the comics.

In the comics, Dani Moonstar is one of Marvel’s few Native American characters. Because of this, when Fox interpreted the Aksblu Hunt (The Originals, Another Life), it caused intricate debates on race.

Although Hunt has an indigenous American heritage, the iteration of the comic is a dark skin Cheyenne.

That kind of controversy could have been fatal for any other film-but New Mulal sis has been so long in developing hell that it was mostly forgotten.

One thing is certain; Hunt subscribed for a big role. New Mutants are at least partly inspired by the classic “Demon Bear “-Verhaallyn by Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz, and Mirage sits in the emotional center of that particular arch.

This means that it is one character that viewers really need to know if they want to make sense of New Mutants.

Here’s everything you need to know about Dani Moonstar-from her first appearance on the pages of New Mutants to today.

Dani Moonstar’s origin story

Dani Moonstar was introduced as one of the most remarkable members of the New Mutants, a powerful and gifted ptionist.

Her forces first revealed when she received a precenatory vision that her parents were killed by a mystical demonstrate, and she was searched by the Hellfire Club as one of their potential recruits.

Thankfully, her grandfather had been reaching out to Charles Xavier, and the X-Men came to the rescue. Dani was taken to the Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, which became part of the New Mutants team, and started grinding her forces.

She learned that she has the ability to reach others ‘ minds and create heartbreaking illusions that depict their deepest fears. In addition, she had a limited ability to interact and control with animals.

The Demon Bear traced Dani to Xavier’s School and tried to kill her. The New Mutants stepped in and Magik’s Soulsword could separate the demonic entity from each other. It turned out that the fatherless had taken up rather than kill them; The Act of magic liberated the spirit of Dani’s parents.

Dani Moonstar becomes a Valkyrie

The early adventures of the New Mutants were often fantastic, and Dani began to investigate her possible mystical heritage. One of their first missions took them to Asgard, the Realm Eternal, where Dani became one of the Valkyries.

As she brought the souls of the dead to Valhalla, she gained a winged horse and learned to see death himself. She even was able to challenge Death Incarnate and struggled to save a soul if she would prefer it.

Dani’s forces continued to grow, strengthened after a fight with the crazy scientist called the High Evolutionary, and she obtained the ability to transform her illusions into a solid shape. She also learned to manifest a so-called “Ghost Spear “, a dangerous weapon that used his deadly against her enemies.